Biodiversity Hack Questionnaire


The Sheffield R user group is planning a Biodiversity Hack!

During the hack, scheduled to begin in Feb 2016, we plan to focus on the Sheffield part of the National Biodiversity Network data to produce together something that benefits the Sheffield environment.

We are still working on the format, which is likely to run over a series of sessions, but our main aims are to:

- Get R users from all of Sheffield coding together and sharing experience
- Explore the potential of R to make use of open data

We would love for R users of all levels to be involved in this hack, not just experienced coders. We aim to make this an event that will let R users new and experienced learn new skills and develop their current usage of R.

In preparing the hack, we have had some great advice from Tom August, an expert in the use of R with the National Biodiversity Network data. We're also looking to engage Sheffield City Council and the Sheffield Wildlife Trust.

But now we'd like to ask you, as a potential Biodiversity Hacker, how we could plan things to fit with your schedule and design things so it's as fun as possible!

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