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My child was prepared for the conference.
I now have a better understanding of how my child learns.
I have a clear understanding of what my child has been studying this semester.
I have an understanding of my child’s effort, study skills, and classroom behaviors.
The Student-Led Conference was valuable and informative.
My child wrote goals that will help improve her/his performance.
Please write a short response for the following 3 questions.
Did you like the format of the Student-Led Conference?
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What two suggestions do you have to help increase or maintain your child’s success at school?
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Were your concerns and questions answered appropriately by your child?
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THANK YOU for participating in your child’s conference! We appreciate you taking the extra time to be here today! Please complete the following before exiting your child’s conference. Notify your child’s SLC advisor if you are interested in making an appointment to further discuss your child’s progress with any of their teachers. Please use the paper provided to write your child a positive personal note about the conference. Below are some ideas you might want to include in your note: What I noticed about your work was… I was proud of you for… Keep up the good work in… I know you have difficulty sometimes but… I’m glad you are making an extra effort in… How can I help you…
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