Youth Camp 2017 Application
General Rules, Terms and Conditions and Instructions for completing this form:-

1. Youth Camp 2017 is arranged for a minimum period of 2 nights, i.e. starting from Friday 28th and ending Sunday 30th July 2017 for age 10 to 25.

2. All applicants travelling by coach are advised to strictly reach their departure pickup point well in advance of 09:00am on Friday 28th July 2017 for prompt departure at 09:30am.

3. The fees quoted covers the cost of travelling to and from the venue, daily meals and accommodation.

4. All applicants are strictly reminded to bring with them only their bare essentials, such as, daily Pooja box, respectable clothing, towels/toiletries and avoid bringing any valuables. NB: There will be no cloth washing facilities at the venue.

5. Special requirements must be noted on this application form accordingly, such as, allergies, etc. An empty cell will be automatically assumed to the organisers to mean no requirements.

6. All accommodation will be arranged such that ladies and gents will be allocated separate rooms according to our Sampraday’s rules.

7. All accommodation allocation will be based on 2, 3 or 4, etc. sharing a room at organiser’s discretions. Each room will be equipped with its own facilities, such as beds for each person and WC/shower facilities.

8. All applications received will be processed on first come first serve basis.

9. Very rarely once payment has been received and processed that a refund can be arranged.

10. SSGP-UK will provide an official receipt after each application form/payment has been received and processed successfully, issued in the Parents/Gaurdian name stated in the application form.

11. All accommodations shall be emptied (checked out) no later than 1:00pm on Sunday 28th July 2017.

12. The organisers reserve the right to amend, alter or cancel any program item or general terms and conditions without giving any prior notice or publicity.

Fee charged is merely to cover costs of the event, and hence anyone WISHES TO DONATE anything towards this event will be most welcomed by the organising charity.

I read the General Rules, Terms and Conditions and Instructions.
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Fees per participant: age 16 and over: £85.00 - Under 16: £50.00
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