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This form is for groups wishing to start a Sunday Assembly - see for more information.  There are legal terms and conditions connected with completing this form, which are visible at the end before you submit the form.  Please read them carefully.  
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Name of your Sunday Assembly (town/city) *
What are the names and email addresses of the key people (minimum 10) in your team?  Who is the lead contact person? *
We ask for 15 people because over time we have learned that it takes a lot of work to run a Sunday Assembly. You need a strong team of people to avoid organiser burn-out!
What's your main contact mailing address? *
Please take care to enter this correctly!
Can we have your phone number? We'll probably want to keep in touch! *
Are you on Skype? It's cheaper than a phone!  What's your Skype id?
What excites you about getting people together? (approx. 100 words) *
What excites you about having a congregation without religion? (approx. 100 words) *
What is your goal in setting up a Sunday Assembly Everywhere Service? (approx. 100 words) *
What useful skills and experience do you and your team bring together? *
Think about all the skills you’ll find useful in setting up, running and sustaining your Sunday Assembly.  These might include (but are not limited to) atheist activities, performing, leadership roles, public speaking, facilitating, organising, music, singing, PA, publicity, accounting, social media, tea making, cake baking, dealing with angry ultra-orthodox atheists and so on.  
Is there a reason why you think we might say no? *
How have you made contact with others in your area about Sunday Assembly? *
Do you have a public Facebook page and/or a Facebook event for your launch? If so, please give us the links!
Is your launch event set up on Eventbrite? We can do it for you! It's a great way to find more people interested in helping out!
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Does your Sunday Assembly have its own Twitter account? You can follow @SundayAssembly and we can follow you... If so, please give us the link to your profile!
Have you (or someone on your team) attended a Sunday Assembly service in London or elsewhere? *
The three most important practical things needed when setting up a Sunday Assembly Everywhere are 1) a venue 2) a band 3) publicity.  What do you already have organised? *
Do you agree to abide by the Sunday Assembly Charter?  *
If you're not sure about anything in the Charter, get in touch with us right away.  
Have you read the Accreditation process?  Are you up for joining us on this journey?  What questions do you have? *
We'd love to meet you! Until that's possible it'd be great if you made us a short video message introducing yourselves (max 2 mins) and send us the link
When is your regular (weekly/fortnightly etc) organising group meeting held?  (We'd love to join in with it in some way if we can!) *
Do you agree to the start-up terms and conditions for Sunday Assembly (viewable online at   *
If you click No, we cannot proceed with your application. By clicking Yes, you offer to accept the terms and conditions.  We will respond with an acceptance of your offer as soon as possible.  Until you have recieved our acceptance, your application is provisional.  This application is joint between those listed above, and you are jointly and severally liable for abiding by the terms and conditons.  
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