Coach Evaluation Questionnaire for Parents
Please help us evaluate how well we did this season by telling us about your child's coach. Our organization is committed to a positive atmosphere and experience for our children. We expect our coaches to be "Double-Goal Coaches" who strive to win and help players learn lessons that will help them be successful in life.

Scale: 1 = Strongly Disagree | 2 = Disagree | 3 = Neutral | 4 = Agree | 5 = Strongly Agree
Coach's name *
Team *
Honoring the Game
Showing respect for the rules, opponents, officials, players, and one's self.
Obeyed the rules *
Showed respect for the officials *
Treated all players with respect *
Treated opponents with respect *
Redefined winning
Emphasizes effort, learning, and improvement, and rebounding from mistakes rather than fearing them.
Rewarded effort, not just results *
Helped players learn and improve in the sport *
Helped players bounce back from mistakes *
Filling emotional tanks
Uses positive encouragement so players can play their best
Used positive reinforcement *
Encouraged players to do their best *
Made the sport fun for my child *
Listened to players *
Would you like your child to have this coach again? *
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