Dining Out For Life Bay Area Restaurant Agreement 2017
Thank you for supporting Dining Out For Life®. Please read, and complete the following agreement no later than March 1st, 2017 in order to receive full benefits outlined in the packet.
A. Dining Out For Life (“DOFL”) is an annual international fundraising event throughout the United States and Canada in which restaurants contribute a portion of their proceeds on a designated day to benefit local AIDS service organizations.

B. San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF), a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, is the San Francisco area licensee of Dining Out For Life International Association ("DOFLI"), and the beneficiary of funds raised through the local DOFL event.

C. Restaurant desires to participate in DOFL and support the work of SFAF through its participation.

In consideration of the mutual promises and obligations stated herein, SFAF and Restaurant hereby agree as follows:

1. Restaurant agrees to participate in DOFL on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 (“DOFL Day”), and to contribute to San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) a minimum donation of 25% of sales* (“DOFL Donation”). The DOFL donation will be based on all sales throughout DOFL Day regardless of other promotions occurring on that day.

2. Restaurants have the additional option of increasing percentage of donation. Restaurants have the additional option of increasing percentage of donation. Restaurants that donate a higher percentage will receive additional benefits and recognition. These are outlined in the restaurant benefits package, which you can view here: http://doflsf.org/assets/documents/dofl-2017-restaurant-benefit-package.pdf
3. Restaurant agrees to permit SFAF to use, without charge, Restaurant’s name, address, phone number, web address, and/or logo on DOFL-related websites and in promotional materials for DOFL Day.

4. Restaurant will prominently display on its premises at least one DOFL poster, to be provided by SFAF, for a minimum of three weeks prior to DOFL Day.

5. Restaurant will inform its wait staff, managers, and other personnel about DOFL Day so they can help promote the event to diners and answer basic questions about DOFL.

6. Restaurant will permit SFAF to prominently display on Restaurant’s premises on DOFL Day a donation box and donation envelopes for the collection of direct donations from Restaurant’s patrons.

7. SFAF agrees to orchestrate a publicity campaign to promote DOFL via the Internet and local radio, television, and print media. The publicity campaign may include promotion of DOFL via emails and on websites maintained by SFAF, DOFLIA, and others, dissemination of DOFL dining guides listing participating restaurants, distribution of DOFL posters, and other activities designed to encourage consumers to patronize participating restaurants on DOFL Day.

8. SFAF will appoint a volunteer Ambassador for the Restaurant who will work to promote and bring diners to the Restaurant for DOFL Day. Restaurant agrees to work with its Ambassador in accepting dining reservations for, and filling the restaurant with patrons on, DOFL Day. The Ambassador will be on site at Restaurant on DOFL Day to thank patrons, share information, answer questions, solicit feedback, and encourage direct donations.

9. Restaurant agrees to carry general liability insurance throughout the month DOFL Day occurs, and Restaurant agrees to provide SFAF and/or DOFLIA with evidence of such insurance upon request.

10. Restaurant agrees to send SFAF a check, payable to San Francisco AIDS Foundation/DOFL, for the total DOFL Donation from DOFL Day no later than Friday, May 23rd, four weeks after DOFL Day.

*25% of sales or $250, whichever is more.

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