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REAL TALK is a set of interactive, school-based presentations developed by the Sexual Violence Center to empower young people ages 12-22 with the knowledge and skills they need to engage in healthy relationships and create safer communities. REAL TALK presentations are designed and adapted for middle school, high school, and college students. To request a REAL TALK presentation, please fill out this form. Presentations can stand alone or be offered as part of a series.

The Sexual Violence Center also offers educational presentations to the broader community, and we frequently participate in conferences, resource fairs, and public events. To request a community-based presentation or a tabling presence at your event, please go to this link

SVC also provides training to professionals in medical, legal, educational, human services, law enforcement, and correctional facilities. To request a training for professional service providers, please email us at

The Sexual Violence Center is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides direct services and education to victims/survivors of sexual violence ages 12 and up in Hennepin, Carver, and Scott Counties. See for more information about SVC. If you have any questions about our school-based and community education offerings, please contact Education Program Coordinator Sawyer Plotz at

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If you'd like a basic overview regarding sexual violence, our introductory presentation, "Asking For It: Consent Not Coercion" is probably what you're looking for. Our other presentations go more in depth on particular topics related to sexual violence.

If you have a suggestion for another topic we should cover, or if you'd like us to respond to a unique situation or request, please contact SVC's Education Program Coordinator, Sawyer Plotz at

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REAL TALK presentations are designed for classroom-sized groups (generally 10-40 participants) and can be adapted to fit within a single class period. We can present to multiple classes in the same day, and we're also available for larger assemblies. We can often adapt the length and format of our presentations to meet the needs of your students.

We'll do our best to accommodate your first choice regarding dates and times, but we can't guarantee that we'll be available then. The more notice and flexibility you can provide, the better.

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We are happy to offer our standard REAL TALK presentations to classroom-sized audiences (generally 10-40 students) free of charge. If this request is for a series of presentations, is for a large audience of students, or is otherwise outside the scope of what we typically do, we may respond to this request with our fee scale.

As a nonprofit organization that provides free services to victim/survivors of sexual violence, we always appreciate a financial donation to cover the cost our presentations. However if circumstances don't allow you to make a contribution at this time, we understand. Please contact Education Program Coordinator Sawyer Plotz at with any questions.

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