Sculpture Sketchbook Assignments

Every week you will be responsible to submit two (2) sketchbook assignments. Now these are not traditional assignments. Infact most of them will not be drawings at all. Some will be written assignments (one a month) some will be sketches, and most of them will be small clay sculptures.

Below is a list of assignments to choose from. The assignments are broken into two groups, required and optional. The required assignments will of course be required, but in what order is up to you. The optional list is an extensive list of ideas to choose from so that you can have some control over what you want to create based on your skill, time, interest, or even your creativity. Be sure that texture, shape, line, balance, and movement are addressed in each sculpture.

All assignments will be submitted on the Canvas website. Instructions will be posted for the given assignments as to how to submit it.


  1. Once a month submit a compare and contrast of two sculptures from the list using the Elements and Principles of Art
  2. Write an outline for your Autobiography


  1. Create a tribal mask for your “tribe”
  2. An underwater creature
  3. A mythical creature
  4. Bust of a man (head, neck, shoulders)
  5. Bust of a woman
  6. Bust of a child
  7. Fruit or vegetable
  8. Your pet or the pet you wish you had
  9. Farm animal
  10. Mechanical object
  11. Insect
  12. Shoe
  13. Coin with an object on it
  14. Popped popcorn kernel
  15. Most used object
  16. Redesign your toothbrush
  17. Bust of yourself
  18. A pile of dirty laundry
  19. An off-road vehicle
  20. A water craft
  21. Futuristic vehicle
  22. Finger
  23. Big Toe
  24. 3D Initials standing up
  25. An object from your favorite sport
  26. something oozing
  27. a banana in a clamp
  28. snowflake
  29. jack-o-lantern
  30. animal skull
  31. top ramen soup (cup-o-noodles)
  32. figure in action
  33. figure at rest
  34. chair
  35. something that represents power/strength
  36. something that represents quiet
  37. something that represents commotion
  38. working hard
  39. hardly working
  40. something old
  41. something new
  42. Ear
  43. Nose
  44. Eye
  45. Mouth
  46. arm & hand
  47. leg & foot
  48. something that represents peace
  49. something that represents authority
  50. something that represents control
  51. something that represents violence (no guns/weapons)