Memphis School Of Excellence Parent Survey
2016-2017 Parent Climate Survey
1.What is the grade of your oldest child?
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2. Was your child safe at this school?
3. Was your child’s teacher (or teachers) effective?
4. My child's teacher (or teachers) encouraged my child to do her/his best in school.
5. Did the school do a good job preparing your child for the next level of school or for college?
6. When you visited the school, did people at the school make you feel welcome?
7. Did the principal set a good example for students?
8. Did the school return your phone calls or emails promptly?
9. Did the school schedule activities at times when you could attend?
10. Did the school promote good relationships with parents?
11. Did you attend open houses, parent-teacher conferences, Annual Title I Parent Meetings, or any other parent meetings?
12. Were you given the opportunity to participate in school activities (for example, field trips, open houses, book drives, fund raisings, etc.)?
13. Did your family eat supper together most nights during the school year?
14. Did you receive notifications in a language you could understand?
15. My child’s teacher (or teachers) made me feel comfortable in contacting him or her.
16. My child’s teacher (or teachers) gives students too much homework.
17. Did MSE help you understand what your child needs to learn and able to do at his/her grade level?
18. Did MSE offer your child improve his/her achievement by providing assistance or tutoring/extra help?
19. Should MSE teach your child about drug awareness, school violence, safety issues, gang awareness, and conflict awareness.
20. Did your child had opportunity to attend field trips?
21. Is your child an active member of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) or National Honor Society (NHS)?
22. Would you like MSE to provide transportation for 2017-2018 school year?
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