SelfDesign Gateways Spring Workshop Information and Registration
Level-up your high school readiness skills and deepen your understanding of big ideas in science, math, socials and English with a small posse of kindred spirits. During these sessions, the educator specialist hosts a collaborative dig into thematic topics to help learners with grades 8 and 9 core area subjects.

These four week sessions are held three times during the year (fall, winter, spring), and participants meet twice a week in an online video conference.

The spring round of workshops runs March 20th to April 14th and includes this spec-tacular line-up:

- PhiDesign: art, science, architecture, and the numbers behind it all! [Tues + Fri* 10-11pm with Wendy]
- Science ‘n the home and hood: learning skills of science to apply… where you live! [Tues 10-11am and Fri*1-2pm with Michael]
- ArtClues: what art tells us about the the past and ourselves. [Mon + Thurs 1-2pm with Joanne]
- SciFi Writing: how to write a gripping and convincing SciFi tale. [Mon + Thurs 9-10am with Suzanne]

* Friday workshops will be adjusted from Friday April 14th (Good Friday - holiday) to Thursday, April 13th, same time, same place.

Get all this extra time with an educator and some peeps for a steal-of-a-deal at $100/participant, which can easily be deducted from your LRS. Already use your LRS on something else? No worries, we can accept credit card, cheque, and gosh, we've even had someone drop off cash at the office in Vancouver!

Workshops are open to all SelfDesign learners aged 13+. Enjoy being 12, once it's over there's no going back.

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