As part of the Grade 6 Exhibition process, we are collecting and interpreting data on the perspectives of our chosen topics. We would appreciate if you could spend five minutes filling out our survey. Please feel free to forward these survey links to family and friends as the groups would like to gather as much data as possible. All surveys are anonymous and your email addresses will not be collected.

Thank you for your support! By: Maoko, Karen, Miu, and Farah

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In order for something to be considered bullying, it has to be deliberate (done on purpose), repeated over time (e.g., happens more than once) and difficult for the person being bullied to defend him or herself against it. With that definition in mind, have you ever been bullied? *
If yes, what type of bullying have you suffered from? (click the ones that apply to you)
If you have been bullied, did it cause you to have low self esteem (feeling unworthy, thinking mostly bad things about yourself, not feeling accepted or liked, etc.)?
Have you ever asked for help when being bullied?
If yes, where did you go for help?
Did you ever take action against bullying?
If yes, please explain your action.
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