Anonymous Reporting Form
This form may be used to anonymously provide information to Southeast Fountain School Corporation about any incident of concern.
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It is important that you provide names, dates, time, and any other details that would be helpful. Please include any website address or street addresses of where incident(s) took place. Remember this report is completely anonymous and cannot be traced unless you provide information to contact you back.
Optional: Upload Computer Screenshot
If the incident is internet/social media related, you can use the "Awesome Screenshot" add-on for Google Chrome or Firefox to capture a portion of your computer screen that shows the actual incident and then upload and generate a share link for the image. If you choose to do this, use the field below to paste the link to an uploaded image. Remember, if you're capturing an image from a site such as Facebook, do not include any of your username or login information in the screenshot if you wish to remain anonymous. Chrome link: Firefox link:
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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