Second Kicks: Equipment Donation Request
Second Kicks is a non-profit charitable sports organization committed to helping communities in Canada and around the world with a love for soccer by collecting used soccer uniforms and equipment from the Toronto area and distributing the uniforms and equipment to children, youths and families in needy and/or less developed communities.
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Getting to know you:
Provide a description of your organization's commitment and purpose: *
Specify below how many uniforms or teams are being requested and approximate ages/sizes. (eg two teams of small and medium children/youth for age 7-13). If shoes are requested, please specify. *
Provide shipping instruction including contact name, email, phone number and shipping address: *
Learning where you are:
We would like to ensure our donations are going to a good place; therefore, we require to know the map coordinates of the football field where the equipment will be distributed and your organization's location. Contact us via if you need help.

1. Visit this website:
2. Locate the location on the map. Press on it.
3. Copy + paste the coordinates below
Football field Latitude & Longitude
Headquarters Latitude & Longitude
Our commitment:
Second Kicks will incur all shipping costs to receiving port associated with the shipment. Second Kicks is not responsible for any costs at the receiving end to pick up the shipment.
It is agreed that the undersigned organization is responsible for the following: *
Thank you for submitting your equipment request.
We will review your application and add your organization to our giving database. We will contact you shortly.
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