Every senior is eligible to apply to be a captain provided you meet the following criteria. Unlike previous years not every senior will be chosen to be a captain. This season team captains will be evaluated during the summer. Team captains will be announced prior to the beginning of the season. Your physical talent should not be a factor in your choosing to become a captain. Violations of this contract during the season will result in a loss (temporary or permanent) of captain’s privileges. The following are just some of the expectations if you choose to be a captain:
I will participate in the captains online course and agree to meet on Friday's after practice during the summer to review each week's information.
I will help supervise my family group leaders during the season.
I will lead by example in practice, at school, and in races.
I will maintain a 3.0 or higher G.P.A. Initial GPA will be taken from Spring 2018 grades.
I will log all of my workouts and help monitor my teammates logs.
I will be totally committed to the team rules and guidelines.
I will attend the majority of summer practices and log my absences if I have to miss.
I will have no unexcused absences during the official season.
I will attend all scheduled meets, whether racing or not.
I will organize and coordinate special activities.
I will not use social media (including texting) to complain about or talk behind the back of a teammate, coach or teacher.
Have you ever had a referral? If so explain what it was for next to other.
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