San Diego Food System Alliance Community Event Survey: Food Waste Solution Summit

Thanks for attending our October SDFSA community event "Food Waste Solution Summit". Please take a moment to respond to our five-question survey. Your feedback is important to us as we develop our programming for 2015 and beyond.
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    Location/ venue
    Transportation/ parking
    Intro/ Context Setting (Richard Winkler, Dean Sidelinger, Mike Wonsidler)
    Session 1: Best Practice & Big Ideas Talks (Andre Villasenor, Rick Nahmias, Chuck Samuelson, Chuck Voelker, Mary Matava) 
    Session 2 Track 1 - Peer Collaboration Session
    Session 2 Track 2 - City of San Diego Food Waste Practices Discussion Panel
    Resource Matching Fair
    Key Note Speaker (Emily Young) + Closing Thoughts
    Happy Hour 
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