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Bulk Pricing:
- Purchase 10 or more books = $20.00 each

Additional Benefits:
- FREE Shipping*
- Each book will be autographed (Personalized if names are provided)
- FREE 15-30 minute Skype Session with each purchase**
- Opportunity to visit & observe in the classroom, if desired

* Additional shipping charges may apply if outside of the United States or expedited mail is requested.
** If you would like to schedule your Skype session, email me at psolarz@sd25.org. Please note that I am a full-time classroom teacher, so we will need to work out a time around my teaching schedule. Thanks for understanding!
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Paul Solarz
Westgate Elementary School
500 S Dwyer
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

If you have any questions or need to cancel your order, please contact me at psolarz@sd25.org.
Thank you for your order! :)
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