Sustainability Champion Nomination Form 2012-13

Please nominate an individual or group at SCU who is committed to developing a culture of sustainability. You can nominate yourself or someone else. If you nominate someone else, we will invite them to provide more information about their contributions this academic year. If you wish to nominate a more than one person (for different contributions), please fill out a new form each time. If you wish to nominate a group for the same contribution, please use one form for the entire group. Nomination deadline: 8am, May 22nd.
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Selection Criteria

We are looking to honor individuals who have contributed to building a culture of sustainability at SCU. The following are criteria the Office of Sustainability will consider when making our selections. - Lasting impact vs. single event or instance. We favor actions that will have a lasting impact on the campus community. - Sustainability-focused* vs. sustainability-related**. Actions that are sustainability-focused will be considered over actions that are sustainability-related. Multiple actions may be combined for this point, so long as together, they show the nominee has approached sustainability from economic, social, and environmental perspectives. *sustainability-focused actions include all three sustainability elements (justice, economics, and environment), showing others how different dimensions of sustainability relate to and support each other in theory and/or practice, addressing complex global issues. **sustainability-focused actions include one or two sustainability elements (justice, economics, and environment). - Depth vs. breadth. Actions that are harder to make will be favored over surface-level actions. Actions that reach many people may be favored over actions that reach a few, so long as there is a sense of lasting impact among those affected. - Temporal boundary. Though we may consider actions that have happened in the past, the Champion Awards seek to celebrate achievements in the 2012-13 academic year. - Campus Sustainability. We will more strongly consider projects/initiatives to change the culture on campus. Community-based projects are important, and will be considered alongside campus-based projects, though not as strongly for these awards. We may choose to highlight noteworthy achievements that were done off-campus.