8th Grade Course Registration Form, 2017-2018
Please refer to the 2017-2018 Strongsville Middle School Curriculum Guide online for a complete list of course descriptions and requirements. All efforts will be made to accommodate students’ course selections, however, students are not guaranteed their top choices.
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Course Selection for Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies
Strongsville City Schools are committed to providing every child with the opportunity to access rigorous content at an appropriately challenging level. Parents will have the opportunity to self-select their child’s honors placement for Honors Language Arts, Honors Science, and/or Honors Social Studies. To assist you in your decision, please consult the Teacher Recommendation letter which was sent home regarding your child’s honors placement based off of classroom performance. While it is strongly encouraged to follow district recommendation, our open enrollment policy will provide all students the option of taking honors level courses.

Satisfactory completion of summer work will be expected to enter Honors courses. Additionally, students must earn a 70% or higher (grade of A, B, or C) in their honors course to remain in the class. If a student in an honors course does not have a 70% or higher at the end of each nine week grading period, he/she may be moved into the traditional level course for the remainder of the year.

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Course Selection for Math
The traditional math course for 8th graders is Pre-Algebra 8.

Students entering 8th grade who would like to enroll in Honors Algebra I must meet eligibility criteria consisting of successful completion of Advanced Pre-Algebra (80% or higher) or 166 standard score or higher on Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test. Honors Algebra I is for high school credit and includes a midterm and final exam. Grades earned are included in the high school grade point average (GPA), and it is a weighted course. A graphing calculator is required.

Procedures are in place for student removal from Honors Algebra I as indicated in the SMS Curriculum Guide. Regardless of who (student, parent, school personnel) requests a removal from such class, students will not be removed from Honors Algebra I after the midterm is administered.

Only students who have successfully completed Honors Algebra I may enroll in Honors Geometry.

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Encore Course Selection
Rank ALL courses in order of preference from 1-13 (1 being the most desired & 13 the least desired). Please make ONLY ONE choice per numerical rank and make sure to use all 13 numbers!
Advanced Art - Full Year
Art Exploration II - Semester
Art/Music Production - Full Year
Band 8 - Full Year
Chorus 8 - Full Year
Chorus Select 8 - Full Year
Principles of Nutrition & Wellness - Semester
Music Appreciation - Semester
Orchestra - Full Year
Technology 8 - Semester
Career Connections - Semester
Automation/Robotics & Medical Detectives - Semester
Kinesthetic Interactions - Semester
Parent/Guardian Authorization
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