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Short Answer Questions
It is important to our business that our drivers have the ability to make decisions in high pressure situations whilst still maintaining a high level of service to the customer. To help you understand our business objectives - this is our mission statement:
OUR MISSION is to provide Australia with a reliable, personalised and trusted transport service that exceeds their expectations.
We believe in a positive and diverse team culture, providing an innovative online experience, combined with presenting a team of valued, experienced and committed professionals, who genuinely enjoy contributing to our business, their team and their local community in a socially productive way.
Short Answer Question 1: Client calls you (the Driver) 15 minutes before you are due to arrive to pick them up and kindly requests that you collect them 30 minutes later than the original time, your next job will not be inconvenienced however you have almost arrived at the pick up address. How would you respond? *
Short Answer Question 2: Client is not answering their phone and you have been at the pick up point for 15 minutes. What would you do? *
Short Answer Question 3: Client asks you to stop for food on the way, and then requests to use the amenities, and you realise you will be late for your next client. What steps would you take now? *
We will be in contact with you shortly if we think you are suitable for the job, thank you for applying to join our team.
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