RESuME papers - Call for papers 1/2017 (EN)
This form has been designed to enable authors to submit proposals for the RESuME Papers.

We would ask authors to fill in all the requested fields – if they fail to do so, their proposal will not be considered.

The RESuME Papers guide for authors is available at the following address: (ePaper section).

If they require any additional information, authors can contact:
> Frédéric Allemand, academic coordinator for the RESuME project and editor-in-chief of the RESuME Papers

> Alessia Virone, scientific collaborator

Email address
Email address
1. Personal information
1.1. Full name (last name, first name)
If there are several authors, please only indicate the name of the co-author who will be the contact person for the RESuME Papers editorial team. Information about the other co-authors can be provided in section 1.5.
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1.2. Title and position
Please indicate your main title(s) and position(s).
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1.3. Institutions
Please indicate the main institution to which you are affiliated.
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Contact email address
Please provide an email address via which we can contact you.
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Multiple authors
Please indicate the full name and position of any co-authors.
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2. Paper proposal
2.1. Title
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2.2. Abstract
Any quotations in the abstract should be referenced using the Harvard system, as follows: (author name, date). All bibliographical references should be listed in section 2.6. The abstract should be no longer than 3,500 characters (including spaces).
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2.3. Methodology
Please provide details of the methodology adopted to analyse the chosen subject. If using data, indicate the method and tools used to collect, process and verify the data. If your proposal is for an analysis of existing literature, you should outline the criteria used to select sources, the sources consulted, the characteristics of the sample, etc. Maximum length: 2,000 characters (including spaces).
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2.4. Originality of the proposal
Please justify the originality of the chosen subject in light of the current state of the literature. Maximum length: 2,000 characters (including spaces).
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2.5. Relevance of the contribution to the research topics of the RESuME project
Please explain why your proposed paper is relevant to the research topics of the RESuME project. Maximum length: 2,000 characters (including spaces).
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2.6. Bibliographical references
The list of publications consulted for the abstract should be presented in alphabetical order by author name, using the Harvard referencing style. Example of a bibliographical reference: Book chapter: BURCHARD, J.E., 1965. How Humanists use a library. In: C.F.J. OVERHAGE and J.R. HARMAN, eds. Intrex: Report on a planning conference and information transfer experiments. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 3 Sept. 1965, pp. 41-87. | Journal article: Allemand, F. (2016). La compétitivité européenne: compétition, coopération, solidarité. Cahiers RESuME (1). Retrieved from If there are no references, please indicate “NONE” in the field below.
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