Professional Doctoral Studies Request for Interrupted Status

Unforeseen circumstances do at times require that students temporarily halt their studies. Any interruptions in study, however, are strongly discouraged. Students who interrupt their studies must recognize that programs with a cohort experience are disrupted, faculty supervision may be affected by prolonged interruptions, and progress toward graduation is delayed. Students who must take off time from the program of study must request permission for Interrupted Status (IS) from the Director of Professional Doctoral Studies at least one month prior to the first day of classes in the semester. Students are allowed a maximum of two semesters of Interrupted Status in the course of their professional doctoral program. Note that each semester of Interrupted Status will count against the maximum of 6 years allowed to complete the program. The INTERRUPTED STATUS POLICY is posted on the DMin Resources webpage ( and should be consulted prior to applying for IS. __________ TO REQUEST INTERRUPTED STATUS FOR ONE SEMESTER: Submit the completed form below and email to confirm receipt of the form. Requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis within a reasonable period of time. Only one semester of Interrupted Status will be granted at a time. Requests MUST be renewed if a second semester is required. Thank you, Office of Professional Doctoral Studies Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ___________
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