FHTMS Parent Certification Form
In order for your child to be able to take a District 1:1 laptop home, you must sign the SBSD Laptop Contract giving your permission for your child to bring the laptop home AND you must agree to the 5 statements below.
* I have reviewed the SBSD Laptop Contract with my child.
* I have reviewed the FHTMS One-to-One Laptop Program Information for Parents slide show.
* I have developed a Laptop Home Use Agreement with my child.
* I have reviewed the FHTMS Plan for Teaching Responsible use and understand the 3-level "infraction" system.
* I know how to access the SBSD One-to-One Program web page.

Information related to the items above can be found on the One-to-One Program web page. To view this page, click the little computer icon under the picture on the District web page (e.g., www.sbschools.net).

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