September 2, 2011

Dear Seminary Hill School Parents:

Welcome (back) to Seminary Hill School.  

We have had a few personnel changes this year.  Ms Michelle D’Agostino will be teaching fifth grade.  Mrs. Teal Parker has joined our staff as our new sixth grade science teacher. Mrs. Waters will be our Read 180 teacher.  Mrs. Stark has replaced Mrs. Power in the office, and Mrs. Mans is our new Speech Language Pathologist.

Our school hours are: In the morning, the first bell will ring at 7:35 a.m., and students will be marked tardy after 7:45 am.  In the afternoon, early bus students will be dismissed at 2:25; walkers, second bus, and pick-ups will be dismissed at 2:35. Please make every effort to have you child arrive at school before 7:35.  If, however, your child is late, he/she will need to sign in at the office upon arrival.

As we begin the new school year, I wanted to take a moment to remind and/or inform you of a few procedures and policies at Seminary Hill School.

Smoking is prohibited anywhere on school property (New Hampshire state law.)  This includes smoking in vehicles parked on school property.  A fine of $100.00 may be imposed for violations.

Students are to use the sidewalks and crosswalks when walking to or from school.  For those living in the South Main Street area, they should push the button for the walk light at the bottom of the hill and wait for it to change.  Through the years, we have had several near accidents when students have crossed without the light.  If your child is a walker, please review this procedure with him/her.  With the construction on Seminary Hill, it is more important than ever that students use extreme caution when on foot or on a bicycle.

If your child needs to take a different bus after school than the one he/she normally takes (or if your child is a walker needing to take a bus) a note must be sent to school with your child.  All notes for buses need to be approved by me before the end of the school day and presented to the driver upon boarding the bus.  Students will not be allowed on the bus without this.

All parents and visitors will drive behind the building to drop off/pick up students.  Only buses will be allowed in the front driveway mornings and afternoons.  During class time, the front driveway will be closed to all traffic to ensure student safety during class changes between the Annex and the main building.

We have designated 3 parking places for visitors.  They are located in the upper driveway on the gravel area next to the fence.  To access these parking spaces, proceed around the building to the stop sign.  The spaces will be on your right, next to the fence.

If you need to leave your vehicle to come into the building during our morning or afternoon “rush hours,” please park in the parking area designated for visitors (see above) so that the driveway is unobstructed.  NO VEHICLES ARE TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED IN THE DRIVEWAY AT ANY TIME. 

Please turn your vehicle off if you are waiting for a child to come out of the building.  Because the windows on our building are quite old, the fumes from idling vehicles can cause some classrooms to become filled with exhaust.

Our driveway is posted for one-way traffic.  All vehicles will enter through the lower driveway and exit via either of the two upper driveways. At no time during the school day are private vehicles allowed to drive in front of the building.  The most helpful way to help ease the flow of traffic is to allow your child to walk or to take his/her assigned bus.  Assistance with crossing is available both in the morning and the afternoon.

In order for the buses to maintain a very tight schedule in the afternoon, I ask that you arrive after 2:30 if you are picking up your child.  Several buses will be parked in the front driveway and no vehicles will be leaving the property until they move out at 2:30.  Students who are walkers or are being picked up will not be dismissed until 2:35.

Students should be appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.  Fall can be a difficult time to determine what appropriate dress is.  It’s cold in the morning, and very often, warm in the afternoon.  I recommend that students dress in layers so that they may be comfortable no matter what the weather. I would also recommend that you read the section in the student handbook (pp.21-22) that addresses appropriate school attire.  Shoes will be worn at all times. For safety, only sneakers will be allowed for physical education classes.

Students are not to bring electronic equipment (such as Walkmans, pagers, cell phones, and electronic games/toys) to school.  If your child has any of these devices it should be turned off, and he/she should keep it in his/her backpack while on school property.  They can be very distracting for students, and we cannot be responsible for damage or loss. Students who have any of these devices out during class or on the playground, will have them confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.

Student phone access is on an emergency basis.  Students are not allowed to use the phone to make after school plans, to retrieve forgotten homework, etc.  Every effort is made to avoid interrupting classes for students or teachers to take a phone call unless it is an emergency.  You may leave a voice message for a teacher and message for students will be delivered directly to the student.

All visitors and volunteers are to report to the office upon entering the building.  Visitor/volunteer badges will be worn while in the building.  Please remember to sign out at the office and return your badge before leaving.

An effort is made to send notices home on Friday.  Occasionally, we may need to send something home on another day.  In an effort to improve school/home communication, notices originating from my office will be sent electronically as well as on paper.  All newsletters are posted on the school’s web page and the link will be sent via the Alert Now messaging system. You will still need to check your child’s bag for other notices.  You may contact your child’s teachers via email as well.  All district staff may be reached using the same basic address: first initial last (no spaces or caps) or through the district’s web site at, click on “District Schools,” click on Seminary Hill.

Attached is the first calendar of events for Seminary Hill School.  This will be updated regularly as events are scheduled and changes will be sent home.  Be sure to mark the dates on your calendar so you can plan accordingly.  Please note that we have orientation nights coming right up, starting with the fifth grade, Wednesday, September 7  Sixth grade will hold their orientation on September  8. These informative meetings for parents are intended to provide you with an overview of the curriculum and what will be expected of your child this year.

Through the years, the caring and support of parents has been of great assistance.  Your cooperation with these policies and procedures will help ensure your child’s safety while at school and will help us provide uninterrupted class time.  As always, if you have any questions regarding these matters, or anything else related to Seminary Hill School, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Martha A. Langill