Spring Fling 2017 Logo Design
Logo Design Interest Form
Hey there!

Looking to flex your artistic muscles? Interested in graphic design, media design, or the fine arts? Like to doodle? Great. We need you.

We're looking for talented artists to design a logo for this year's fling. You will work closely with the SPEC Spring Fling committee to create a logo that reflects the theme of fling and is recognizable and fun. If your logo is used, you will not only win two floor passes, but you'll see your art on posters, tee shirts, tickets, and other merchandise this year.

So, how do you submit? First, use these guidelines:
• The logo must relate to the THEME and must include the TAGLINE. Both of those are still super secret, so once you submit this interest form, we'll contact you and give you all the necessary information.
• While it can be multicolored, the logo must look good in ONE SOLID COLOR
• Try to limit yourself to THREE COLORS.
• The logo must be recognizable at very SMALL (2" across) and very LARGE (poster size) sizes.
• Logo submissions must be digital, but for now they can be hand drawn scans.
• To submit a design and/or ask questions, email springfling@specevents.net

The person whose logo we select will win TWO FREE TICKETS TO THE SPRING FLING CONCERT!

SPEC Spring Fling Directors

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