Fall Green Week 2013

Green Week is a semi-annual awareness week hosted by the Student Sustainability Association at Penn (SSAP), with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues and the actions happening at Penn to solve them. Join the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/610798515643734/

-Transportation will be provided to Morris Arboretum both Friday and Saturday
-SEPTA tokens will be made available for UNI's event at Bartram's Garden

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    Penncycle Sundaes on Sunday (3-5pm, Bodek)
    Green Acorn's Monday Munchies (3-5pm, Locust Walk)
    Tuesday - EES UAB Sustainable Coffee Hour (2:30-3:30, Hayden Hall)
    Wednesday - PEG Music Building Tour (9-10am)
    Wednesday - PEG Nanotech Building Tour (5:30-6:30pm)
    Wednesday - Forum on Reducing Food Waste (5:30-6:30, College Hall 200)
    Wednesday - SSAP Iced Coffee Break(er) (8-10pm, Bishop White)
    Thursday - PEG Gasland Screening (8pm Huntsman Hall)
    Friday - Penn Garden Club at Morris Arboretum (8:30am-2pm)
    Friday - Climate Change 101 (College Green, 11:30-4:30)
    Saturday - UNI Harvest Festival at Bartram's Garden (12-3pm)
    Saturday - Fallapalooza at Morris (Our)boretum (10:30-1pm)
    Saturday - Kelly Writers House Sustainability Tours (12-5pm)
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