Application to Project Spokescouncil
1. The project addresses issues of relief, recovery and/or resilience in communities affected by Superstorm Sandy.
2. The project commits to following the spokes documentation guidelines:
3. The project is aligned with the NYCGA Principles of Solidarity:
4. The project publicly aligns itself with Occupy Sandy
5. The project is accepted by the Spokescouncil
Project Name
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Public Project Email Address
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Members List
These are people who can rep the project at the spokes council. Please format: name - email - phone.
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Stated Goals
Please describe the goals of the project and the specific outcomes you intend to produce. A numbered list is good.
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Where do you work?
Where is your project physically active?
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Your information
Please format: name - email - phone
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Please include three references.
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Name of someone involved in the spokes council who endorses your project.
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Additional Info
Anything more you'd like to share?
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