Sahana Software Foundation Members Proxy Form
Be it known that I,
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the undersigned Member or Director of the Sahana Software Foundation, a non-profit corporation, hereby constitute and appoint:
as my true and lawful agent for me and in my name, place and stead, to vote as my proxy at the Annual Meeting of Members of the Sahana Software Foundation, to be help from October 27, 2016 by virtual web conference.  The proxy rights given shall not extend beyond the adjournment of the Annual Meeting.

NOTE:  If you are not appointing the SECRETARY of the Sahana Software Foundation as your proxy please make sure you enter the full name of the individual you are appointing as your proxy.
IF the SECRETARY of the Sahana Software Foundation is your nominated proxy, please:
By marking this space, you acknowledge that the SECRETARY of the Sahana Software Foundation may exercise your proxy even if he or she has an interest in the outcome of those items and that votes cast by him or her, other than as proxy holder, would be disregarded because of that interest.  If you do not mark this box, and you have not otherwise directed your proxy how to vote, the SECRETARY of the Meeting will not cast your votes and your votes will not be counted in computing the required majority on any votes.
Please use the following space to specify any instructions or wishes that you wish to give to the SECRETARY:
Instructions for Secretary
This proxy shall be void if I personally attend the meeting.
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