North Salem High School Class of 2017 Scholarship Survey
Please complete this form and submit it before Friday, May 26th. This information is used for the North Salem Graduation Program. Please respond with the letters "NA" for questions that do not apply to you. If you receive additional scholarship or grants after you have submitted this form; you can still edit your first submission with the additional information. Congratulations on your accomplishments. Go Viks
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Scholarships and Awards
The information you list below is for the 2017 Graduation Program and the Viking Graduate Board. Only the name of the school and the achievement will be listed in the Graduation Program. The actual dollar amount awarded to you is for District use only and will not be given to any other sources. Listings of awards and scholarships in the Graduation Program is dependent upon space available.
List Scholarships and Awards Below
Please list all scholarships offered and awarded. This includes scholarships from all the schools to which you applied and scholarships you received from outside sources. Please include the name of the school or organization awarding the scholarship, the dollar amount offered and whether it is a one time award or a yearly award.
Example: WOU, Cesar E. Chavez Leadership, $1,000; one time award
Accepted Scholarships
Please list the scholarships from above that you are accepting and plan to use, including the dollar amount. Also indicate if this is a one time award or a yearly award. This information is included in the Graduation Program.
Example: Willamette University, $5,000; yearly award
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