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REACH Application (2017-18)

The two goals of the program are as follows:

1) Learn more about the Catholic faith
2) Develop leadership skills

Activities include regular (weekly meetings) and participation in one (1) parish activity. The latter could be serving on a committee to plan an event; suggestions will be provided to members when the school year starts.

By saying "yes" to this program, know that you're committing to regular attendance at our meetings. This year, we have not set a particular day yet. The three possibilities are Sunday afternoons, Monday evenings, and Thursday evenings. This will be determined based on the results of this survey and the availability of the group leader. This is the tentative calendar for next year based on those days, but these dates will be adjusted by the end of June to be accurate for the following school year.

Basic Information
First Name
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Last Name
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Cell Phone Number (if applicable)
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Email Address (if applicable)
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Twitter Handle (if applicable)
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School during the 2017-18 School Year
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Grade Level during the 2017-18 School Year
Which of the following days and time periods would best fit your calendar for the 2017-18 school year? Select all that apply. (Remember: each meeting will only last one hour.)
In which of the semesters will you be able to participate fully? Ideally, you would be available for both semesters.
If you did not select both semesters in the previous question, please explain your response.
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What commitments do you have outside of school? Will you be able to fully commit to this program?
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Basic Questions
Keep your responses relatively brief; we're looking for a few of your thoughts, not a novel!
Approximately how many years have you been involved in St. Rose Youth Ministry?
Why do you want to be part of REACH?
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What would you like to learn more about within the Catholic faith?
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What roles do you currently have within the parish? (If you're not overly involved, don't stress! We're just looking for an overview of how you participate in the parish life.)
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Is there anything else we should consider when reading this application?
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