Position-Specific International Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in Safe Passage/Camino Seguro! If you are applying to participate as a Program Coordinator, Creative Expressions Teacher, English Teacher, Health Teacher, or Tutor in Guatemala City for a period of 6 months or longer, please complete all sections of this application form; also, please email your Curriculum Vitae or resumé to volunteers@safepassage.org in conjunction with the submission of this Volunteer Application. Please do contact us by email with any questions.

If you would like to apply to serve as a short-term volunteer for less than six months, please complete the form linked below instead of this Position-Specific International Volunteer Application:
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Safe Passage/Camino Seguro requires that volunteers are 18 years or older.
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While we encourage volunteers to have an intermediate level of Spanish, depending on the position for which you are applying, it may be acceptable if you have more basic language abilities, understanding that the more Spanish one speaks, the more engaged and effective one will feel.
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All volunteers are required to have medical insurance; this insurance should provide coverage for emergency medical and disaster evacuation. Medical/travel insurance may be obtained from any number of companies via the internet. I understand that as a volunteer, I will be asked to provide proof of insurance (both of medical and evacuation coverage) during initial orientation.
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As a volunteer, I understand that it is recommended that all volunteers have an up-to-date tetanus vaccination; volunteers are also encouraged to follow any recommendations as provided by their physicians and also may consult the US Center for Disease Control for travel health recommendations at www.cdc.gov. *
How did you learn about this volunteer opportunity with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro?
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Please read and check the boxes related to the following information in order for your application to be accepted; I understand that all volunteers will be asked to sign these waivers upon arrival in Guatemala. *
This Release and Waiver of Liability (the “Release”) executed on this_______ day of _____, 20____ , by (the “Volunteer”) in favor of Safe Passage (a 501c (3)) nonprofit located in the United States and /Camino Seguro, a non-governmental charity organization operating within Guatemela, their directors, officers, employees, and agents (collectively, “Safe Passage/Camino Seguro”). The Volunteer desires to work as a volunteer for Safe Passage/Camino Seguro and engage in the activities related to being a volunteer (the "Activities"). The Volunteer hereby freely, voluntarily, and without duress executes this Release under the following terms:

Guatemala is a beautiful nation rich in Mayan culture, natural scenery, and centuries old colonial history.  It is also a nation which has experienced a long and violent civil war, and occasional civil unrest can be expected.  In addition, it has one of the highest poverty rates in the Western Hemisphere and a concurrently high crime rate.  Periodic travel advisories and warnings have been issued by the United States of America State Department and all visitors and volunteers are encouraged to review the travel warnings regarding Guatemala on the US State Department website at www.state.gov.travelandbusiness prior to planning your trip.

Guatemala City is a large urban center with minimal to non-existent environmental standards and pollution controls.  The area around the Guatemala City garbage dump, where Safe Passage/Camino Seguro has its main sites, is home to the poorest of the City’s residents.  There, the living and working conditions are quite hazardous, due to the squalid environment, the rough and dirty work of garbage picking, the extremely high level of poverty, and the crime and other behaviors which accompany such conditions.  

The staff and volunteers at Safe Passage/Camino Seguro recognize these conditions and Safe Passage/Camino Seguro takes a number of precautions to help keep its visitors and volunteers relatively safe.  In addition, all volunteers and visitors receive as part of their orientation instructions on how to minimize their exposure to risks while living and working in Guatemala.  It is also expected that all volunteers and visitors follow the safety guidelines as developed by the Safe Passage/Camino Seguro staff.

Despite the precautions taken by Safe Passage/Camino Seguro, it is important that all volunteers and visitors understand the personal risks involved in coming to visit or work in the project.  Safe Passage/Camino Seguro makes no guarantees to any person about their personal well-being, the security of their personal belongings, or the nature of their experience while visiting or working with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro.  Visiting and/or volunteering with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro entails risk, including risk of sickness, accident, theft, robbery, and/or assault, which in extreme cases could result in rape or even death.

If you choose to visit or volunteer with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro, you are making this choice freely, at your own risk, and without having received any guarantees concerning your health, personal safety, or the security of your property.  You agree to assume all risks and to release any charity associated with the project, including Safe Passage (a 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization located in the United States), Camino Seguro (a non-governmental charity organization operating within Guatemala), and/or any individual associated with those organizations from any and all responsibility and liability while you are traveling to, from, or working with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro.

Release and Waiver. Volunteer does hereby release and forever discharge and hold harmless Safe Passage/Camino Seguro and its successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from Volunteer’s Activities with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro. Volunteer understands that this Release discharges Safe Passage/Camino Seguro from any liability or claim that the Volunteer may have against Safe Passage/Camino Seguro with respect to any bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage that may result from Volunteer’s Activities with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro, whether caused by the negligence of Safe Passage/Camino Seguro or its officers, directors, employees, or agents or otherwise. Volunteer also understands that Safe Passage/Camino Seguro does not assume any responsibility for or obligation to provide financial assistance or other assistance, including but not limited to medical, health, or disability insurance in the event of injury or illness.

Medical Treatment. Volunteer does hereby release and forever discharge Safe Passage/Camino Seguro from any claim whatsoever which arises or may hereafter arise on account of any first aid, treatment, or service rendered in connection with the Volunteer’s Activities with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro.

Assumption of the Risk. The Volunteer understands that the Activities include work that may be hazardous to the Volunteer, including, but not limited to, transportation to and from the project sites. Volunteer hereby expressly and specifically assumes the risk of injury or harm in the Activities and releases Safe Passage/Camino Seguro from all liability for injury, illness, death, or property damage resulting from the Activities.

Personal Insurance. The Volunteer understands that, except as otherwise agreed to by Safe Passage/Camino Seguro in writing, Safe Passage/Camino Seguro does not carry or maintain health, medical, or disability insurance coverage for any Volunteer.
Each Volunteer is expected and encouraged to obtain his or her own medical or health insurance coverage.

Other. Volunteer expressly agrees that this Release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Maine, and that this Release shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Maine. Volunteer agrees that in the event that any clause or provision of this Release shall be held to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such clause or provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions of this Release which shall continue to be enforceable.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Volunteer has executed this Release as of the day and year first above written.

Volunteer Signature:_____________________
I have read and understand the Release and Waiver of Liability above and am prepared to sign such a pledge upon my arrival in Guatemala and before beginning work with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro. *
Safe Passage/Camino Seguro Confidentiality and Privacy Pledge
Families receive services through Safe Passage/Camino Seguro with the understanding that their lives will not be on display. Under no circumstances is a volunteer to reveal any information about a child or other family member receiving services through the project. No volunteer may use or distribute information about any child or family member receiving services from Safe Passage/Camino Seguro for publication, school project, broadcast, or other form of public dissemination without the expressed written consent of the Executive Director of the project.

In addition, under no circumstances will a volunteer visit a child’s home or school, unless accompanied by a member of the project’s staff. Under no circumstances will a volunteer take photos of children or families outside of the educational activities programs without the consent of the child’s guardian and the Project’s Executive Director.

I agree to abide by the Safe Passage/Camino Seguro Confidentiality Pledge.

Signature: ____________________________Date: _______________
I have read and understand the Confidentiality and Privacy Pledge above and am prepared to sign such a pledge upon my arrival in Guatemala and before beginning work with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro. *
Safe Passage/Camino Seguro Volunteer Pledge
The following are the guidelines set forth by Safe Passage/Camino Seguro for all volunteers; I agree to respect these expectations and abide by them during my time of volunteer service:

1. I will carry out the duties of my assigned volunteer placement to the best of my ability.
2. I will meet my volunteer commitments in a punctual and consistent manner.
3. I will notify my volunteer supervisor if I am to be late or absent.
4. I will notify my volunteer supervisor if there is any change in my departure date or established volunteer work schedule.
5. I acknowledge that there is a zero tolerance policy related to the presence and use of alcohol or illicit substances during working hours at the project.
6. I acknowledge that all volunteers are expected to live in Antigua.
7. I will work with all children in a respectful, affirming, and positive manner.
8. I will not use physical discipline with a child.
9. I will respect the privacy and reputations of the children and families, and of my colleagues at the project.
10. I will follow the project’s safety guidelines for working in Guatemala City.
11. I will follow the project’s volunteer dress code which includes the organization´s volunteer shirt, blue jeans, and close-toed shoes. I understand that all volunteers will be asked to cover any visible tattoos and to remove any piercings, aside from earrings, when at the project.  
12. I will follow all of the general project guidelines as established by the Safe Passage/Camino Seguro administration.
13. I understand that at any time during my volunteer service, Safe Passage/Camino Seguro reserves the right to terminate my participation in the project and/or to request my departure from Guatemala should a risk to my personal safety exist.

Signature:______________________________ Date: _______________
I have read and understand the Volunteer Pledge above and am prepared to sign such a pledge upon my arrival in Guatemala and before beginning work with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro. *
Once your application has been received and reviewed by the Volunteer Office, it will be shared with the respective department seeking to fill the position for which you are applying; you will then receive email communication regarding the required next steps in this process. We also look forward to the submission of two references on your behalf; the Reference Form may be found on our website: www.safepassage.org. Applicants for these positions do not need to submit the $50 Application Fee at this time.

Thank you again for your motivation and interest in joining our team!
Do you have any additional questions or concerns in connection with volunteering with Safe Passage/Camino Seguro?
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