RSU 64 Volunteer Form
The following information is requested to help us coordinate volunteer services and to ensure student safety. RSU 64 will perform registered sex offender and criminal record checks on all volunteer applicants. Your completion of this form provides consent for this process. If you have questions about the form or would like assistance in its completion, please contact your child's school principal.
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List any education, training, or experiences you have had which would help us in meeting our volunteering needs:
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Have you ever been charged with or investigated for sexual abuse or harassment of another person? *
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Have you ever entered a plea of guilty or "no contest" to any crime (other than a minor traffic offense)? *
Has any court ever deferred, filed or dismissed proceedings without a finding of guilty and required that you pay a fine, penalty, or court costs and/or imposed a requirement as to your behavior or conduct for a period of time in connection with any crime (other than a minor traffic offense)? *
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