8th - HKMS PE Student Self-Grading Survey
Please choose an option from the drop down menu for each question. Survey results have NO impact on your grade, please be honest. Fill in your name if you would like to receive a 10!
Student Name
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Class Period
Did you have difficulty determining your grade (1-10) for the first weeks?
Did you find your teacher’s feedback helpful in understanding your performance?
How often did your self-grade match your teachers’ view of your grade?
Do you feel that your teacher feedback was specific?
Do you feel the feedback was timely?
Did teacher feedback motivate you to strive to correct constructive criticism for the next class?
My self-grade was higher than my teachers evaluation of my performance
My self-grade was lower than my teachers’ assessment of my performance.
I feel I take more ownership of my performance with self-grading?
I enjoy having the opportunity to grade my own daily performance in PE.
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