Absence from Duty Request
Local Sick Leave
An employee absent from work must notify the administrative team at the beginning of each workday or as soon as possible thereafter. You can email Ionnotti and copy Schock and Schmidt or call Ionnotti at extension 7604.

Board Policy ~ DEC (Regulation)
Nondiscretionary use of state personal leave refers to leave used for personal or family illness, family emergency, or death in the immediate family. Discretionary use of state personal leave refers to leave taken at the individual employee’s discretion, for which it is possible to set a schedule in advance.

Discretionary use of state personal leave requires the prior approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor. A request for discretionary use of state personal leave must be given to the immediate supervisor at least three workdays prior to the beginning of the requested leave. Employees will not be required to submit the reason for which they are requesting personal leave. In emergency situations, the supervisor may waive the three-day notice requirement but may require documentation to support the failure to meet the requirement.

The following days are unavailable for discretionary use of leave:
1. Scheduled staff preparation days;
2. Professional development/early release days;
3. The first five and last five days of any semester;
4. The day immediately preceding or following District holidays; and
5. Days scheduled for state-mandated testing.

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