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Rory Landon Aronson




FarmBot is an open-source automated precision farming machine and software package designed for small scale CNC food production. In September of 2013 Rory wrote and self published a whitepaper describing the FarmBot technology and vision. A volunteer team and online following formed to help build the system. In March of 2014 Rory was awarded a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship worth $125,000 to work on the project full-time.

Today, Rory’s roles are high-level system architecting, mechanical engineering, UI and UX design for mobile and web, and leading the team of over 25 volunteer contributors.



OpenFarm is a free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge. Similar to Wikipedia, the data is free for everyone to access and anyone can contribute content. Because people grow plants differently based on environmental conditions and growing practices, OpenFarm provides a framework for everyone to share their story, and for learners to find the best, most relevant content.

OpenFarm came out of the need for FarmBot to access structured, detailed data for how to grow a plant in a specific environment with specific growing practices. Rory architected the high-level structure of the website and developed the initial UI and UX for mobile and web. Today there is a self-sustaining team of over 10 volunteers working on the project with access to the $22,500 that were raised on Kickstarter for the project.

Beach Wheelchair

Designed, built, tested, and documented a beach wheelchair with an interdisciplinary and international design team. The team successfully collaborated through weekly video conferencing and split up the design and fabrication work. The design allows users to independently move across the beach, gain access to the sand, and float in the water under their own power. Convenient and tool-less assembly and disassembly allows the chair to fit into a compact sedan for easy transportation.

The Bike Arch


A grand entranceway was deemed necessary for Rory’s San Luis Obispo home. An archway of bicycle frames was welded together in the backyard and in the cover of night in January 2012, The Bike Arch was erected. The Arch instantly became a landmark for locals and a fun stop for parents and their kids.


Shop Manager, Co-Founder, and Board of Directors Member at SLO MakerSpace

October 2013 to present

SLO MakerSpace is a community resource dedicated to education and creativity. It is an open, collaborative machine/wood/electronics shop and craft center where one can build projects; teach and take classes; and build networks connecting with local people and resources.

Rory became involved at the ideation stage and helped to define the vision of the MakerSpace. He was then hired on as the first Shop Manager and tasked with building the shop infrastructure, creating the internal business processes, training a 10 person team of volunteer staff members, and running the day to day operations of the MakerSpace.

Shortly after opening the shop, Rory trained and hired a replacement Manager to pursue working on the FarmBot Project full-time. Today Rory serves on the Board of Directors and continues to innovate and steer the MakerSpace towards sustainability.


Dr. Pete Schwartz

Professor of Appropriate Technologies at Cal Poly


Dr. Clint Slaughter

CEO of SLO MakerSpace


Rick Carlino

Senior Web Developer at the FarmBot Project



Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Courses taken include Organic Agriculture, Physics of Energy, Bicycle Design, Piano, and Hands-on Design of Appropriate Technologies for the Developing World. Graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Studied abroad for one quarter in Guatemala, teaching English, learning Spanish, and collaborating with locals to develop appropriate technologies.


• Architecting high-level solutions

• Leading teams and being a team player

• Community building locally and online

• Effective communication and listening

• SolidWorks, CAM, & digital fabrication

• Traditional shop skills and safety

• Online marketing and social media

• UI and UX design for mobile and web

• Human centered design


• The FarmBot Whitepaper - 2013

• FarmBot Talk at TEDxUCLA - 2014


• Reading Wikipedia

• Cycling, eating, repeating

• Community building

• Project based learning

• Making things

• Gardening