Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k & 11 Mile - October 4, 2014

11 mile start - 7:50 EST

50K start - 8:00

ALL participants must carry some form of hydration: hydration pack, hand-held water bottle, waist belt, or a water bottle from the local gas station duct taped to your hand.  


This policy is in place to prevent the constant trail litter issues we’ve been dealing with.  No more paper cups means no more trash in the woods.  In addition, runners will of course perform better when drinking liquids consistently along the course (every 10-15 minutes is a good rule of thumb) instead of merely at each aid station.  We will, however, continue to offer soft drinks in paper cups at aid stations for those who choose to partake in these.

This rule applies to both the 50k and 11-mile distances, and will be the standard for the entire Salomon Rock/Creek Trail Series.

Table of contents:

Registration Dates & Race Fees:

Race Schedule:

Carbo Dinner:

RRCA Accreditation:

Driving Directions:

Runner Premiums:

Award Categories:

Aid Station Details:

StumpJump 50k Aid Station locations:

StumpJump 50k Course Maps & Descriptions:

StumpJump 11 Mile Aid Station locations:

StumpJump 11-mile Course Maps & Descriptions:

Cutoff Times:

On the Course:

50k Drop Bags:


Post-race food:

50k Spectators:

Chattanooga Accommodations:

Cancellations & transfers:

Registration Dates & Race Fees:

Race Fees

Until 9/1: 50k - $90, 11 Mile - $55

After 9/1: $100 - 50k, $65 - 11 Mile

No-shirt option - subtract $10 from above

Check out your competition here!

Race Schedule:

Friday, October 3, 2014

12:00pm-6:00pm: RockCreek StumpJump 50k Vendor Fair (open to the public) and StumpJump early packet pickup at Coolidge Park (recommended to alleviate stress from race morning)

5:00pm-6:30pm: Carbo Dinner (for 50k Participants only) at Coolidge Park


7:00pm: Featured Speaker (TBD) at Coolidge Park

Saturday, October 4, 2014

6:00am-7:30am: StumpJump Packet pickup at start/finish line (Signal Mountain Middle High School)


11 mile start time - 7:50 EST

50K start time - 8:00 EST

We will not hold the race for late arrivals. Please arrive EARLY.  Packet Pickup will open at 6am sharp.

Carbo Dinner:

We will once again provide a Carbo Dinner for all 50k participants.

Spouses, friends, children, and 11-Mile Participants: If you are an 11-Mile Participant and would like to join us for the Carbo Dinner or a race participant with others coming along with you who would like to join you for the dinner, you can purchase additional Carbo Dinner tickets at the Wild Trails tent during packet pickup on Friday.  The cost for additional dinner tickets is $10 each.

Driving Directions:

Directions to Coolidge Park for Packet Pick-Up, Vendor Fair, Carbo Dinner, etc.

Google Maps directions to Coolidge Park

From I-24 E or W:

Directions to Start/Finish line

Google Maps directions to Start/Finish

From Hwy 27 N or S:

Runner Premiums:
Award Categories:

1st - 3rd Male & Female Overall

1st only in every 5 year age group: 0-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+.

If top finishers are not able to stay for the awards ceremony, awards may be mailed at participant's expense.  Race packets will not be mailed.

Aid Station Details:

Each aid station should contain water, HEED*, bananas, oranges, pretzels, potatoes, salt, crackers, and plenty of other fun surprises. Some later aid stations will contain Hammer Gel.


*While we do respect the wide range of training and fuel preferences that will likely be represented at this race, we believe in Hammer Nutrition's products (HEED, Hammer Gels, Endurolytes, etc.) and encourage you to read up on their benefits in contrast to many of the sugar based counterparts.  Check out the following articles:


"Proper Caloric Intake During Endurance Exercise"

"Simple Sugars and Complex Carbohydrates - An Incompatible Combination"

StumpJump 50k Aid Station locations:

Mushroom Rock: Mile 4.2

Suck Creek Road:  Mile 6.1

Indian Rock House:  Mile 10.6

Snoopers Rock:  Mile 13.3

Haley Road:  Mile 16.8

Mullens Cove Parking Lot:  Mile 19.5 (drop bag location & cutoff point*)

Suck Creek Road (2nd time):  Mile 24.8

Mushroom Rock (2nd time):  Mile 26.8

StumpJump 50k Course Maps & Descriptions:

StumpJump 50k Course Map

StumpJump 50k Course Description

StumpJump 11 Mile Aid Station locations:

Edwards Point:  Mile 4.2

Mushroom Rock:  Mile 7.3

StumpJump 11 mile Course Maps & Descriptions:

StumpJump 11 Mile Course Map

StumpJump 11 Mile Course Description

Cutoff Times:

There will be a 5-1/2 hour cut off time (1:30 PM) at the Mullens Cove Parking lot at mile 19.5.  This is a hard cut off time and all runners arriving after 1:30 PM will be asked to drop. Please be respectful of race officials if you are asked to drop - no discussion.  You will be provided with transportation back to the start/finish.

9 hour cutoff time at finish. This averages out to over 17 minutes per mile pace. This is not a hike so please be respectful and do not sign up for this event if you plan to walk most of the course.

On the Course:

Do not rely solely on aid stations to provide your nutrition!!  You should be eating and drinking throughout the course.  This will help keep you healthy and we promise it will improve your performance.  


We recommend that you carry the following on your person-


The course will be well-marked, but if you come to a junction in the course and are confused, STOP!!  Wait for someone behind you to help make a better judgement call.  It is likely that someone close to you will know the correct way to go.  Always follow the yellow flags, never run through them!

Litter - We just will not allow it. Yes, we realize that accidents do happen, but if you are caught throwing trash on the trail, you will not only be disqualified from this race, but will be banned from running another Rock/Creek race...for ever!

50k Drop Bags:

Drop bags will be allowed for 50k participants and must fit in a 1 gallon plastic bag.  There will be a drop off location at packet pick-up and at the start/finish area on race morning and bags will be taken to an aid station at mile 19.5 on the course.  Please plan accordingly.


Recommended Drop Bag - Must fit in 1 Gallon plastic bag


Drop bags will be taken to the start/finish once the 19.5 mile aid station closes (approx. 2-3pm) and then taken to the North Shore Rock/Creek location afterwards.  Drop bags left at Rock/Creek after store closing on Sunday will be discarded.  Please plan accordingly.


We strongly discourage the use of headphones during this race for the reason of safety.  Not only is it more challenging to hear other runners, but more difficult to communicate with our race marshals and volunteers along the course. In short, we ask all runners to be as safe and courteous as possible.

Post-race food:

We’ll have post-race burgers at the start/finish line.  These are free for the 50k runners, and we are asking for a $5 donation for anyone else.

50k Spectators:

Spectators will be able to go to the following Aid Stations to cheer on race participants - Indian Rock House (Mile 10.6 and Mile 20.3), Snoopers Rock (Mile 13.3), Mullen’s Cove Parking Lot (Mile 19), and Mushroom Rock (Mile 26.8).  


Update: there will NOT be a shuttle bus for spectators this year!


Directions from Start/Finish to Indian Rock House, Snoopers Rock, and Mullens Cove Parking Lot:

Chattanooga Accommodations:

For those unfamiliar with the Chattanooga area, Rock/Creek has assembled a quick reference to area hotels.  Click here to view this document.

Refunds & Transfers:

We do not allow refunds or race or bib transfers. Runners found to be using someone else’s race bib will be promptly disqualified from the event.

We could not make this happen without the generous support from our sponsors: Rock/Creek, Salomon, North Face, Capitol Toyota and Toyota of Cleveland, Get Out Chattanooga, Patagonia, Whole Foods Market and the High Point Climbing and Fitness. Thanks for trail running and we look forward to seeing you then.