School Counseling Programs and Initiatives-Feedback 2013-2014

Please take a few moments to provide honest feedback of the school counseling programs offered this school year. Thank you for providing feedback so I can continue to improve and offer needed resources!

Small groups for select students to support personal and emotional needs
Individual counseling sessions with select student to address specific needs
SSMT process for coordinating and supporting services of struggling students
504 process for coordinating services for select students
Classroom lessons for whole class on various topics (bullying, respect, unity, etc.)
Collaboration with parents to provide information and services for student needs
Coordination of Testing program
PBIS PRIDE implementation (coordination, training, and support of Pride program)
Mustangs of the Week on Friday mornings
Character of the Month luncheon each month
Career Day program offered for 4th and 5th graders
Other (You may elaborate in Question #9)

Consultation and collaboration for student needs and services
Classroom support for teachers with students struggling with specific needs
Training and support for various needs and/or services
Zumba fitness offered

Accessible and Approachable (Easily accessed and readily available for crises, information, student referrals, etc. Maintains approachable personality and demonstrates a welcoming attitude.)
Efficient (Provides services in a timely and organized manner)
Advocate for Students (Responds to individual needs of students and advocates for success and well-being)
Counseling Programs (Provides Small Groups, School-wide Programs, and Individualized Counseling that are focused and beneficial)
Classroom Lessons (Provides appropriate lessons and activities that are meaningful and beneficial)
Ethical/Professional (Maintains professionalism and ethical standards as well as confidentiality)
Staff Development and Collaboration (Offers beneficial resources, nformation and collaboration for staff development. Offers support and participates as a team player to improve student and school success.)

I feel invested in Monroeton Elementary
I feel connected to the staff at Monroeton Elementary
I feel connected to my school counselor (Jenny Bates)
I feel supported by my school counselor (Jenny Bates)
I feel I can access and collaborate with my school counselor (Jenny Bates)
I feel Monroeton students have a positive self-esteem and self-awareness
I feel Monroeton students use appropriate problem-solving methods and skills
I feel there are few behavior disruptions in my classroom
I feel bullying is NOT an issue at Monroeton

Classroom Lessons (please provide suggested topics in Question #10)
School-wide activities (Assemblies, Mustangs of the Week, etc...(please provide suggested topics in Question #10)
Small group counseling (please provide suggested topics in Question #10)
Individual counseling sessions
Testing coordination
Trainings for staff and parents (please provide suggested topics in Question #10)
Career Day
Zumba fitness for staff

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