Rainbarrel seminar survey
Rob West Plumbing is accepting applications to host a rainbarrel seminar at your business or residence. We will install a complimentary rainbarrel (estimated value $200) at your location in exchange for having you host the seminar. You would need to have a minimum of 6 other people attend who are also interested in learning about the benefits of installing rainbarrels. Please fill out the following survey and we will contact you shortly.
What address is the rainbarrel to be installed at? *
What type of building is this? *
Do you own or rent the property *
If a rental, you will need explicit approval from the building owner to modify the downspout
Do you have easy access to the downspout that comes from your roof? *
The free rainbarrel install covers the first 2 hours of labor which is usually all that's required for simple systems. Charges may apply for complex installs (additional plumbing and labor to reach downspout)
Would you be able to host this seminar on a weekend? *
The seminar takes about 2 hours.
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