Speaking requests for Marita Cheng

Please fill out this form to request Marita Cheng to speak at your event. If certain details of your event are not yet confirmed, you can leave those fields blank for now, although it does make it much easier for us to have all the details up front so that we don't need to chase it up later. For open-ended invitations (e.g. no specific date), you can email marita-speaking@robogals.org with your invitation instead of filling out this form. We can discuss the event but then we may ask you to come back and fill out this form once the details are more certain! Filling out this form does not provide confirmation that Marita will be able to speak at your event. You will be contacted by a Robogals representative who will confirm whether Marita can attend your event, and work out the details with you. Please allow up to 7 days to receive a response. And finally, please don't let this big long form intimidate you, Marita is happy to speak at a range of events and we look forward to hearing from you!
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