Research & Development Committee Meeting,  February 2012, Hamburg




Robert Lemke, Karsten Dambekalns, Michael Stucki, Ernesto Baschny, Oliver Hader, Christopher Hlubek (Monday afternoon)

Benni Mack (excused), Daniel Hinderink (excused), Kian Gould


Robert presents the concept of a product board, community council, and related bodies as well as connections between these parts and the TYPO3 Association as well as the public.

We continue with brainstorming about certain details, such as purpose, type and amount of meetings, legitimation of positions by the community, voting procedures and the right amount of members for a Product Board for keeping work effective.


Product Board draft

We continue with cleaning up the Product Board draft, incorporating yesterdays results and some community feedback. Next a possible timeline for implementing the concept is discussed:

TYPO3 Branding Working group

We discussed about the necessary renaming of Phoenix since it will definitely not become TYPO3 5.0. What seems evident is that TYPO3 (the current v4 branch) should not be renamed since its name is very popular and wide-spread already. However, the “3” in the name is not consequently used as an identification for products of the TYPO3 project (Fluid, Extbase, Surf, etc.)

We agreed that a working group needs to think about a product naming strategy. However, due to the reasons mentioned above, this will most likely only apply to new products (thus, excluding TYPO3 v4 from being renamed).

Robert will invite candidates for such a group.

TYPO3 version numbering

We followed-up on the discussion about renaming TYPO3 and raising the version to a (much) higher number. The discussion was initially held in the steering committee and was then brought to the core-internal list. Since then, a lot of discussion happened, but no further steps have been taken or decided upon.

We agree that TYPO3 v5 will have a different name and thus TYPO3v4 is no longer bound to 4.x version numbers. However, the version number 5 will never be used again for any product of the TYPO3 project (pentaphobia).

The next versions of TYPO3 follow the following scheme:

We expect that the version after TYPO3 6.0 will be TYPO3 6.1 and not TYPO3 7.0. But in the end, it all depends on if there are major features in the release or not.

See also:

Disclaimer: Is this now decided or not?

For certain reasons we think that such a change needs to be well-prepared and thus should not wait even longer until the Product Board is set up.

We (the former Steering Committee / R&D Committee) hope that a great majority of the Core Team will agree with this proposal. However, if it turns out that a majority disagrees with it within the next week, we will put the initiative on hold again until the Product Board takes over.

Once again, we hope to act in everybody’s interest and therefore, nobody will object to these plans.

Google Summer of Code 2012

The next round of Google Summer of Code is about to start and we still haven’t seen the report about 2011. Michael and Karsten mention that they (as well as Ben) were in contact with Ingo several times and the promised result delivery was always delayed. At the same time, Ingo expects to be GSoC admin again in 2012 which is about to start in 2 weeks (beginning of the application period).

Oliver gave further input and explained how the communication about Mentor Summit participation was not only late but also misleading and led to only one mentor attending the Mentor Summit at all.

Since Tobias Liebig has shown interest and proactively provided feedback on GSoC 2011 and ideas for future participations, we approached him to see if he would like to be the org admin for GSoC 2012, which he gladly agreed to.

Ingo and Karsten will provide Tobias with as much knowledge as they

have about GSoC. Tobias will contact them in an online meeting until

the snowboard tour (before the org application starts).

Complimentary note: Michael also contacted Ingo after the meeting.

Ingo acknowledged things went wrong in an unexpected way due to

several reasons including miscommunication with co-admin Karsten. Ingo

would wish to be involved again in the next GSoC in a team of two

people and would also like to see Tobias join the GSoC effort. Michael

mentions that he would prefer to have only one person being

responsible for the administration to have responsibilities cleared.

Joint Development Budget 2012

The use of the budget for joint development of projects beneficial to both TYPO3 v4 and Phoenix/FLOW3 was discussed. Various potential uses of the budget were discussed but we agreed, that an approach based on “we have some money, what do we do with it” is not helpful.

Instead we looked for issues and projects currently in need of support and identified a number of them; Extbase and a new extension/package repository being among them.

For the time being we agreed on using (parts of) that budget for stabilizing Extbase by paying a position for coordinating bugfixes and synchronization between Extbase and FLOW3 as needed. Whether someone to fill that position can be found is of course still open.

Regarding development of a new extension/package repository we decided to see how far the dedicated TER budget will bring that project. If needed, “padding” can be applied from the joint development budget.

Ernesto will draft an explanation of the budget and it’s intended use to send to the team(s) involved.