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Spokesperson Training for Communicating with and through the Media
Media reporting on road safety is an important mechanism for raising awareness among the general public and promoting specific policy changes for safer roads. On a regular basis, NGOs are asked by newspapers, radio, online media, and TV for interviews, and this provides an opportunity to address the organizations’ concerns. However, few NGOs have built a relationship with the media, or are prepared to answer questions when approached. Also, the Alliance recent learning needs assessment showed that some are not aware of how to work with media and are not familiar with building a relationship that can facilitate policy changes, etc.
This training will equip road safety NGOs with tools to efficiently determine the message to present and how to build a media relationship with the overall goal of communicating the most pertinent road safety problems that best inform their countries and organizations.
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Duration and date: 2 days - 1 and 2 April 2017
Who is this course for: English speaking, NGOs with little or no experience in media
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