The 10-question quiz to finding your co-founder.
Take this 3-min quiz to learn what matters to you when looking for a co-founder. The questions are meant to help you understand your and your possible co-founder's skills and interests, appetite for risk, and communication & control style.
Expertise & interests
Look for complementarity with your co-founder.
1. Have you worked 7 years or more in the same industry? (Which one)
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2. Which language(s) do you speak?
3. Which is the lesser evil?
4. Which is easier to do when pulling an all-nighter in the office?
Appetite for risk
Look for similarity with your co-founder.
5. Which of the declarations below is closest to the parenting style you grew up with?
6. Which does your calendar most look like?
7. How hungry are you?
Communication & control
Look for compatibility with your co-founder.
8. As a kid, did you share your toys with your little brother?
9. What kind of gentleman/lady are you most like?
10. Are you ever rude to the waitress/waiter?
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