Riverview Music Team Application
Please fill out this form completely with the contact information that is best to reach you. Auditions will be April 17th, 2018 at 6pm in our Holt Venue Auditorium (3585 W Willoughby Rd).
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What is your experience on your instrument(s)? *
List the instrument followed by your experience playing it, and in what context (band, worship team, school band/choir, etc.)
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SINGERS: Please post a link of a video of you singing. It can be anything you think you sound good on. Chris Tomlin, Beyonce, Rage Against The Machine – anything.
Youtube, facebook video, instagram, etc. are all fine. If you don't have any videos, please send a voice memo recording to music@rivchurch.com
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"Getting To Know You" Questions
Please answer honestly and thoroughly – we just want to know you better!
Who are the last 5 artists/bands you listened to on your Phone/iPod/Car Stereo? *
Don't censor or edit your answers – you won't offend us. Promise.
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What is your favorite band right now? *
"Nickleback" and "Creed" are unacceptable answers. Entering either of those values will crash our servers.
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Is Riverview your "home" church? If so, how long have you been attending? *
(Are you a member? Involved in a life group? etc.)
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What has your "spiritual journey" been like? *
Are you a Christian? Questioning? Not sure? Definitely not?
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Have you ever been involved in a "Worship" Team or had experience leading music for worship in any context? If yes, please list. *
(Other churches, camps, small groups, youth group, kids services, etc.)
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What makes you want to be involved in a Band here at Riv? *
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Have you served on/are you currently a part of any other volunteer ministries here at Riv? If so, which? *
(RivKids, Compassion Ministry, Coffee, Welcome Team, etc.)
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