Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: November 26, 2018

Meeting Time: 7 pm

Meeting Location: 59 Armstrong Road

Narrative Mission Statement:

What is the purpose of this school?

"…The Rising Tide Charter School provides students with community-based education each day, using the town of Plymouth as a local yet dynamic textbook which will provide fertile ground for the development of higher-order thinking skills."

Leadership and Governance:

"In accordance with MA Charter School Law, the Board of Trustees is ultimately accountable for the school's educational mission, performance and adherence to its Charter."

1.        Meeting call to order

2.        Introduction/Welcome to guests

3.        Public Comment

4.        4.1 New Business          

           Advocacy 101

           4.2 Old Business

           Goals for Head of School


5.        Review and approval of September 2018 meeting minutes

6.        Financial Matters

           6.1  Review of October 2018 Financials


7.        Board Subcommittee Reports

           7.1  Finance and Audit

           7.2  Nominating and Governance

           7.3  Facilities

           7.4  Public Relations

           7.5  Curriculum


8.        School Report


9.        Any matters not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours prior to     the meeting

10.      Executive Session, Board discussion on construction contract close-out


11.      Adjourn