Rise Leadership Training
This application is intended to provide the information necessary to enable the leadership at Rise Chapel to select the student for the Rise Leadership Training Class.

This class will be a 1-year commitment by the students and will be focused on reaching the potential God has for you through growing our leadership gifting so we can be sent into what God would have for you. Everyone has a call from God and it is all to be walked out in the context of our skills and giftings in a God-honoring way.

The class will have mandatory reading assignments, leadership projects, practical/hands-on leadership activities, mentoring, and teaching on Godly leadership methods.

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Please take some time and complete the following Spiritual Gifts Assessment Test
Click here to take a Spiritual Gifts assessment test: http://goo.gl/vnVYBp

When you are complete, please download the PDF file and email it to "risechapel@gmail.com" with your name in the file name.

Fill out the Ministry Volunteer Application
Here is a link to the Volunteer Application: https://goo.gl/5I2vq7

Please fill it out prior to filling out your Leadership Training Application.

Leadership Questions
If you were to rate your walk with Christ over the past year, how would you? *
Stagnate & Struggling
On Fire & Close to God
Please share what the definition of Leadership is to you. *
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What (if any) experience do you have leading or managing people? Share your experiences (negative & positive) *
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Who has been the most influential leader in your life? Why? *
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If married, does your spouse support you in this leadership application? *
Are there struggles you are having/have had that could limit your effectiveness in ministry at Rise Chapel? If so, please explain. *
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What do you consider to be your personal strengths? *
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