RISD Museum: Professional Development Workshops, 2012-2013

Workshops support teachers' efforts to develop students' visual literacy, and encourage creative and critical teaching and learning. Educators receive the tools to investigate works of art, to create connections between their subject area and works of art, and to stimulate dynamic cross-curricular learning. Advance registration required. Call (401) 454-6552 if you have additional questions. The Power of Landscape OCT 27 | Sat 9:30 am – 1 pm The environment and our changing relationships to nature offer points of inquiry for studio and classroom investigation. Develop ways to connect the ideas presented by works of art to your students’ lived experiences. This workshop is relevant to history, social studies, English, and art teaching, and is beneficial for those who want to incorporate works of art and design to support Visual Art Grade Span Expectations (GSEs) and key learning goals in art instruction. $30 per person. The Artist’s Perspective MAR 16 | Sat 9 am – 12 pm + 1–5 pm This two-part workshop focuses on the creative process and how artists form and communicate their ideas, including subject matter, style, and media. A morning session explores artists’ perspectives in order to enhance meaningful interpretations of works of art. The afternoon session examines artistic methods and process through hands-on investigations specially designed to be relevant to art teachers; this workshop is also valuable for educators teaching English, history, and social studies. $30 per session or $50 for full-day workshop. Invention + Innovation JUL 9–11 | Tue–Thu 10 am – 4:30 pm This institute looks closely at works of design from the ancient past to the present and explores how key objects have solved specific problems by applying innovative ideas, processes, and technologies. Participants examine furniture, vessels, and garments to enhance the integration of material culture in their subject areas; the workshop is relevant for educators who teach art, math, science, history, and English. Sessions include gallery discussions, presentations by experts and practitioners, hands-on workshops, and lesson development. We encourage cross-disciplinary teams of educators to attend together. $125 per person.
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