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Passwords for Databases & Online Resources

When on the RHS wi-fi network, many resources will log in directly.

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Common ID & PW (NOTE: EBSCO and ProQuest have changed to unique passwords. See below.)

ID     =    ridgewoodhs
PW   =    maroons

Most LLC databases use the same ID/PW, including all resources from these vendors.


Unique Passwords  &  Exceptions

        eLibrary from Proquest

ID: ridgewoodhs

PW: RHSM@r00ns

        EBSCO (including eBook History Collection)

ID: ridgewoodhs

PW: RHSM@r00n$

        Gale:  GVRL eBooks, Short Stories

        Literature Collection Online, Shakespeare

PW only:   maroons     (no library ID needed)

Sora App by OverDrive 

Student ID:   your 6-digit student #  

                       (listed in Skyward profile)

Teacher ID:   your Skyward ID#

                       (hint:  last5 + first3 + 000)

MackinVia: Sign in with Google 

         The Bergen Record and contact Mrs. Keller

The Wall Street Journal

PW:    maroons

The New York Times

If you’d like remote access, contact Mrs. Keller

Sign in with Google

Ridgewood Public Library  &   BCCLS  

RPL and Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS, pronounced “buckles”) purchase subscription resources available for residents with a public library card.  

As part of Freshman Focus, 9th grade students received RPL. If you no longer have your card, please visit RPL to replace it and get a new pin#.

Ridgewood Public School teachers who reside in towns that are not part of BCCLS may apply at RPL for a courtesy card.

The following are a few RPL/BCCLS resources that are especially useful for academic research.

Ridgewood Public Library Premium Databases

These resources are not available through BCCLS.


New York Times Historical (1851-2011) (ProQuest)

ID:      your RPL card #      

PW:    4-digit pin  (usually last 4 digits of card #)

Salem Press:  Defining Documents & Milestone Documents

PW only:     your RPL card # or ridgewoodpl

Gale Biography in Context  and  Gale Literature Resource Center 

ID:       your RPL card #        

PW:     4-digit pin  (usually last 4 digits of card #)