Student and Parent Information 2018-19
Welcome to the Ridgefield High School Instrumental Music Program. This form will collect some information about you, your skill set, and what ensembles you wish to participate in. It will facilitate certain things for next year. The database for this form is in a secure location and all information is kept confidential.
Student First Name *
Please enter your full first name as it will appear on PowerSchool. Do not use your nickname. Your formal name will be used for concert programs.
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Grade level *
as of start 2018-19 school year
Primary Ensemble *
This is the class you are enrolled in. If you will be participating in other ensembles on an extra curricular basis, there is a separate field for that later in the form.
Select which section your primary ensemble meets
Please list what sections/days you have free. *
If it's always free, just list the section i.e. "Section 1". If it's free sometimes because of a lab or other circumstance, list as "Section 1 free A-D, G, H" etc. If you have no frees at all, put "no frees"
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Instrument *
Student Ridgefield E-Mail Address *
Please include the extension as this form will be used to populate an e-mail distribution list.
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Please check any extra-curricular ensemble you will participate in (audition pending if required) *
Please visit this link to see description and requirements:
Secondary Instrument *
List any experience you've had with another instrument
Do you take private lessons? *
If you take lessons, please provide your teacher's name, e-mail address, and telephone number (all information kept confidential) *
If not...just type "N/A"
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Parent's Preferred Telephone # *
Please enter the number where you can be best reached. This should be for a primary contact regarding the student
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Parent's Cell # *
Even if this is your preferred number, please enter your number again (don't put "same"). We will use this number in the event you chaperone a trip or as a backup to your preferred number.
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Parent Preferred E-mail Address *
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2nd Parent e-mail address
If more than one parent wants to be on the e-mail distribution.
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T-shirt size *
This will be used for band shirts (all members of band must own one for Memorial Day; Pep Band also wears) and all ensemble T-shirts for festival competition
Jacket size (Pep Band only) *
Select N/A if not in Pep Band
PEP BAND ONLY: Name as you wish it to appear on jacket *
Select N/A if not in Pep Band or if you already have a jacket
Mailing Address *
Not necessary to include "Ridgefield, CT 06877" unless your mailing address is out of district. Just the street address will do.
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