Summer 2014 Professional Development
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 First Name2013 Grade Level or DepartmentTitle of Professional Development AttendedDate of PDWhat is one thing that you learned that you will bring back to NSE?Number of Hours or Days
AllmannNicholeTLCLeaders of Their Own Learning (Book)June-July3 days
AllmannNicholeTLCSC Midlands Tech Summit June 11-122 days
AllmannNicholeTLCTechnology and Learning Coach - Peer Coaching CourseAugust 5-6Summer-Fall
AndersonPatrice4thELA: Instruction Across Content Areas 4th/5th7/10/2014How to plan for ELA instruction.1.25
AndersonPatrice4thEngage NY At A Glance 3-57/10/2014How to implement Engage NY. Use of Engage powerpoint1.25
AndersonPatrice4thLeaders of Their Own Learning (Book)June-July 20143 days
AndersonClayPhysical EducationSCACA, 7/27-28/2015Nutrition and Weight Training, Heat Stress Management and concussion protocol training2 days
AndersonPatrice4thSS: Using Interactive Notebooks7/9/2014This course taught the basics of creating an Interactive Notebook across all content areas It will be useful for organizing the children and keeping their notes and information all together in one place. 1.25
AndersonPatrice4thTeam Planning7/8/2014Met with team to plan field studies and long range plans1 day
AndrieskiAudrey2ndNumber Sense` Thur Math Practice7/9/2014I love it when Carol Sample provide such common sense activities for us to1.25 hours
AndrieskiAudrey2nd grade STEMSC Midlands Tech Summit6/11/2014Two days of great resources but the one I definitely will put into place is the "Global Read Aloud"
AndrieskiAudrey2ndSTEM planning7/23/2014Worked with Dawn to complete three days of lesson plans and then found a new format for our weekly plans. Planned all field trips. 6 hours
AndrieskiAudrey2ndStem retreat planningJune 23&24Worked together as a team. 2 days
AndrieskiAudrey2ndWhat's Happening in 2nd grade math7/9/2014to make and use with our children. Love the NY Module which now we can 1.25 hours
Barnett-QueenLauraSpecial ServicesNew to Two7/28/2014Learned district policy, Common Core, special education overview, Enrich.
Barnett-QueenLauraSpecial ServicesNew to Two7/29/2014Reading and math strategies; met speech language pathologist extraordinaire, Susan Stanley :)
CaldwellPatriceFirst STEM Planning Retreat6/23/2014 , 6/24/2014Met with STEM teachers K-5 to review curriculum and tour Airport. Very interesting to get a behind the scene look at ways to inocporate flight into our units of study. 2 days
CaldwellPatriceFirst Summer Insitute 6/12/2014, 7/8/2014Assisted in the writing/editing of 1st Grade Math District Benchmarks and SMART MATH SMARTBoard(tech) assistance for 1st grade teachers using Engage NY 1.5 days
CatoeSallyAdminLeaders of Their Own Learning (Book)June-JulyHow "I can" statements can help students focus on the learning3 days
CatoeSallyAdminMindset (book)JulyHow to move towards a growth mindset for myself and with students2 days
CatoeSallyAdminSCASA June 15-18STEM ideas from workshop (Charleston middle school)3 days
CatoeSallyAdminSTEMS Planning RetreatJune 23-24vertical alignment of curriculum2 days
CobbMelita1st grade STEMS1st grade team planning8/4/20144 hours
CobbMelita1st grade STEMSSC Midlands SummitJune 11-12, 20142 days
CobbMelita1st grade STEMSSTEM PD and collaborationJune 23-24, 20142 days
ConklinKristieCCSSCCSS Bootcamp7/26-27/2014assessing where our school is and where we go in the 2014-2015 school year2 days
ConklinKristieSTEMSprofessioal development7/24/2014toured airport. planned intergrated field studies1 day
ConklinKristiekindergartenstudent screening8/4-5/2014met students and preassessed what they know to start school2 days
ConklinKristiekindergartenTeam Planning7/10/2014Met with team to plan field studies and long range plans1 day
ConklinKristiekindergartenteam planning7/24/2014team met to address and mail student testing lettersabout 2 hours
DawsonKelly5thLeaders of their own learningJulyI love the emphasis on project based learning. I went online and spent a lot of time looking at the expeditionary learning as well. There are fully planned projects already out there that fit common core. I like that my students can take a basic project and expand it into their interest, but also really learn about committing to something and producing their best work. 2 days
DawsonKelly5th STEM meeting6/24/2014Planning with partner1 day
DeReefNieshaThird GradeAutism 1017/8/2014This session mainly focused on behaviors of autistic students as well as classroom management strategies to implement in attempt to meet their needs. It was very informative. I walked away with new strategies I could use in the future. 1 day
DeReefNieshaThird GradeElementary CCSS Implementation 6/25-26/2014Discussed some of the anticipated curriculum "shifts" the district will be making in attempt to adopt standards and best practices suitable for the academic growth of all students. We mainly focused on text dependent questions and math practice standards. I've always thought questioning was a great strategy to use in efforts to get students to think. 2 days
DeReefNiesha3rd GradeEngaging the 21st Century LearnerJuly-AugustThis class has been extremely engaging. I'm learning various technology tools to use with students this upcoming year. (Awwapp, socrative, 81 Dash, Thing Ling, Movenote) and so much more. ~ Feeling Inspired ~online 4weeks
DeReefNieshaThird GradeGoogle Educator Bootcamp6/19/2014This class was very beneficial for anyone wanting to take a deeper look at how to effectively use Google Suite. There was so much to offer and the opportunites to enhance classroom technology and student learning was limitless. We worked in teams to dissect information related to all components of drive, calendar, gmail, and sites. I successfully completed the Google for Education Level 1 Basics Exam and earned my first certificate. Only five more tests to go before I am an official Certified Google Educator!1 day
DeReefNieshaThird GradeLeaders of Their Own Thinking (Summer Reading)June- JulyThis book reinforced the importance of allowing students to have input as well as a deeper understanding of what they are learning and why they are learning. This year I plan to do more with " I Can....." statements and explain the standards to students so they have a better understanding of their learning goals.
DeReefNieshaThird GradeSummer Literacy Institute 3rd Grade 07/9-10/2014Wonderful session. I was able to collaborate with other 3rd grade teachers throughout the state. We discussed common core standards- upcoming changes to testing requirements, and the importance of integrating subjects. Together we worked through several standards to integrate ELA, SC History, and Science. 1day
DeReefNieshaThird GradeSummer Literacy Institute 4-6th Grade 07/24-25/2014Did not attend because the goals/outcomes were the same as the class taken a few weeks earlier.
DialKristinaResource TeacherEnrich training for IEPs6/12/2014This is the first year for IEPs to be on Enrich in Richland Two. I learned how to use the program when adding and/or updating IEPs. Now on Enrich you can also create progress reports, keep track up upcoming deadlines, and referral to eligbility determination. In the near future, it might be a place to track your progress monitoring on students objectives. It was very user friendly. 1 day
DialKristinaResource TeacherImplementing Social Thinking Concepts and Vocabulary6/9-10/2014Beckham Linton was a guest speaker from Kansas. She talked a lot about social thinking and explained the 4 steps of communication. I learned a lot about teaching students the correct ways to communicated. I really liked the vocabulary she uses because it was right inline with whole brain teaching. I also have been reading a book she recommended called Whole Body Listening by Susan Truesdale. I think that social teaching has a lot of information and could be something we use all though NSE. 2 days
DialKristinaResource TeacherLexia Training and New to Two Special Education Training 7/28/20143 days
DialKristinaResource TeacherSC Midlands Tech Summit6/11-12/2014Where do I begin? is a website that I learned about and have been using with my personal children at home everyday day since I left. Explore Learning has create a math fact fluency that kids LOVE doing. Reflex continuously monitors each student's performance and individualizes the program for each student. As a teacher, you can decide if the student need addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division fluency. The program needs to be used three times a week for at least 15 minutes. You can monitor student fluency growth. It is great for RTI progress monitoring! I also learned about QR codes and Aurasma. I have thought of so many creative ways to use this with book trailers, meet the teacher night, making posters/pictures with digital videos, and digital storytelling projects. VERY EXCITING!!2 days
DuckRosemaryFood ServiceSC Midlands SummitJune 11-12-14Flipping,Blogging and Google Driving,Oh My!,Kristin Mixson I was very 2
DugganMerrie2nd GradeRegular 2nd Grade Planning Day7/30/2014Collaborated with regular second grade teachers to plan Reading/Language 1 day
FacteauJenniferKindergartenELA balanced literacy7/8/2014I learned about the importance of a balanced literacy model in the classroom2 hrs
FacteauJenniferKindergartenELA literacy curriculum for Kindergarten7/8/2014I learned about the new changes coming in the ELA curriculum to be used in kindergarten2 hrs
FacteauJenniferKindergartenKindergarten screening8/4 - 8/5Screened incoming kindergarten students and met with team to level classes2 days
FacteauJenniferKindergartenPower Searching with Google7/5/2014I learned the ins and outs of searching with google, beyond just key words, but with images, and filtering by color, and sites6 hrs
FacteauJenniferKindergartenSMART Math - formerly known as calendar time7/8/2014I learned how to keep our daily math routines in the morning, but to tweek it to ensure cc standards are taught2 hrs
FacteauJenniferKindergartenSocial Thinking 6/9 - 6/10I learned about the social thinking concepts and the ilaugh model of teaching children with social communication deficits. I am exceited about the possibilities for the general ed classroom, and hope to use many of the concepts from the incredible flexible you books in my classroom at the begining of the year.2 days
FacteauJenniferKindergartenTeam Planning7/10/2014Kindergarten Team met to plan field trips and long range plans1 day
FacteauJenniferKindergartenTeam Planning7/24/2014Kindergarten team met to address and mail kindergarten screening letters2 hrs
FacteauJenniferKindergartenWhat's Happening in K Math7/8/2014I learned about the changes in k-math pacing and the push to use enguage NY2 hrs
FalcoDawn2nd gradenumber sense through math practices7/9/2014Learned many interesting number sense ideas for teaching.1.25 hours
FalcoDawn2nd gradeSTEMs summer retreatJune 23-24I learned many interesting facts about meteorology. I enjoyed the tour of the air port and it was nice getting a chance to plan with our group.2 days
FalcoDawn2nd gradeWhat is happening in 2nd grade math7/9/2014As always I love Carol's work shops. She teaches us so many wonderful, new ideas. I learned about the math literacy block that is being focused on this year.1.25 hours
FinkJoyELA planning and intergrating SS and sci7/10/2014Nothing ha changed. This was a wate of time.1 hour
FinkJoyengage NY curriculum 7/10/2014This is really great. This will be some much better. bout half the time last year and am excited to use it completeli this year.
FinkJoy3rd grade STEMSSC Midlands Tech SummitJune 11-12, 2014I am so impressed with the research based program Reflex I would like to pilot it. It ia designed to get all students to automaticity with math facts if used 3-4 days a week at 15 minutes a day. It continually monitors and adjust to teach and reteach just 4 new facts each day for a 14 day free trial. Mark Smith gave us a great way to use a Transdisciplinary approach to planning STEMS units of study2 days
FinkJoy3rd STEMSSC Midlands Tech Summit June 11-12, 2014I loved the gadgets and tips presented by Leslie Fisher, she blew my mind!2 days
GarrettTiffany2nd GradeCC Bootcamp Summer6/25/2014- 6/26/2014District common core training with NSE Common Core Implemention Team. Developed a plan for implementing CC shifts with faculty and staff at NSE.2 days or 14 hrs
GarrettTiffany2nd GradeCC Bootcamp Summer 6/25-6/26/2014District common core training with the NSE Common Core Implemention Team. Development a plan for implementing CC shifts with the faculty and staff at NSE.2 days or 14 hrs.
GarrettTiffany2nd GradeIT: Blog or Not to Blog?7/9/2014
Learned how to set up a classroom blog. Had time to develop a blog and get ideas and help from instuctor and other students.
GarrettTiffany2 nd GradeMath: Number Sense7/9/2014Learned new stragties for teaching place value and mental math.1 hrs
GarrettTiffany2 nd GradeMath: What is Happening in Second Grade Math7/9/2014Went over the new district math balanced model. Discuss how to use this model with envisions or engageNY.1 hr
GarrettTiffany2nd GradeRegular 2nd Grade Planning Day7/30/2014Collaborated with regular second grade team to plan thematic units of reading, language arts, science, social studies, and health. Plan for future field studies.1 day or 7 hrs.
GarrettTiffany2nd GradeUsing WeVideo in the classroom12/2/2014Learned how to use WeVideo as a tool for students to demonstrate their learning through videos and pictures.1 hr
GermannJenniferAdminClassroom Management for Elementary Teachers6/9/2014Taught a workshop on classroom managment2.5 hours
GermannJenniferAdminSC Midlands Tech Summit June 11-12A variety of uses for teachnology...if you don't know about augmented reality....RESEARCH IT! 2 days
GermannJenniferAdminSCASAJune 15-18LOVE Kevin! What is your inspiration? 3 days
GloverTabithaNSE Common Core Implementation Team.Elementary CC Implementation Team Boot CampJune 25-26Disctict wide common core training session with the NSE Common Core Implementation Team.2 Days
GloverTabithaDistrict Wide Media SpecialistDistrict Wide Media Specialist PD Summer Institute6/10/2015Advocacy and Digital Resources 1 Day
GregoryAngiePEAmerican Council on Exercise Certification2/14-12/14exercise technique to share with my students as well as nutrition and goal 3 days
HaleCheryl First GradeELA Literacy Curriculum-First Grade7/8/2014The new R2 Literacy Curriculum was shared. We went through each of the components together and viewed samples of what the final product would look like. We also discussed the components of the R2 Balanced Literacy Model and how it should look when implemented in our own classrooms.1.25 hours
HaleCheryl First GradeMidlands Writing Project One Day Conference 6/17/2014fitness goal setting and different exercise techniques to obtain more benefits from the exercise and prevent injury. 1 day
HaleCheryl First GradeNumber Sense Through the Math Practice Standards - K-17/8/2014Carol Sample presented a number of games and showed us how to make several types of manipulatives to use with our students (ex. "rekenrek"). She also discussed the R2 Balanced Math Model and shared the pacing guide and how Engage NY and Envisions can be used to address standards.1.25 hours
HaleCheryl First GradePreparing to engage students with the new First Grade Science Standards7/8/2014Ed Emmer shared the new science curriculum guide, as well as a number of resources that can be used to address the science standards. We spent a lot of time talking about the new standards that have been added for first grade, and walked through 3 sample lesson plans that we can use with our own classes.1.25 hours
HaleCheryl First GradeSMART Math-Formerly Known as Calendar Time K-17/8/2014A new format for doing daily calendar math was presented. Using the SMART Board, the teacher can incorporate math standards and quick daily fluency activities into the calendar routine.1.25 hours
HaleCheryl First GradeTeam Planning7/10/2014Discussed/shared summer PD; Planned field studies; Long Range Planning and Calendar4 hours
HaleCheryl First GradeTeam Planning8/4/2014Met to write lesson plans for the first two weeks of school; discussed rules and procedures to share across the grade-level, planned for Open House/Orientation information4 hours
HardingChristineMusicSC Midlands Tech Summit6/11 & 6/12 Leslie Fisher and others were amazing. I set up a twitter acct for NSE Music and linked it to the school's acct. Augemented Reality is where the future is at...however, I still think we need to teach everyone the skills to sit still and just visual...just listen. I'll probably work on that this next year. I have pages of notes that are already in Google Drive. I loved that Leslie said Google Plus is being dissolved, and nobody knows what's next. Just lets you know that technology is not always successful. WeVideo was basically an infomercial...expensive & not as user friendly as many things.2
HardingChristineMusicVarious Musical EventsWild Acres Flute & Sax Camp with Branford Marsalis, Goren Maarceson & Brad Garner masterclasses & concerts; Sir James Galway, flute concert, Eastern Music Festival, Greensboro, NC; Blue Grass Event, Shenandoah Music Festival, Orkney Springs, VA; National Flute Assn. Annual Convention (4 days), Chicago, IL; Steely Dan concert, Cola - all these different events included a study of technical equipment used, overall production techniques, repertoire selection, incorporation of musical characteristics (harmony, melody, beat, rhythm, timbre, tempo, dynamics, etc.) that can be included into student lessons (for real - even with SD)varied
HeatonLoni4th GradeSPL14-075 - Autism 1017/8/2014I learned about the characteristics of students with autism as well as strategies that I can use in my class to help students with autism. 1 day
HeatonLoni4thScience:[DI14-031- Session 1]8/15/2014Science/Engineering Practice Standards were discussed and the new 2014 standards, changes, etc. 1 hr
Exploring Science Safety in the Elementary Setting
10/22/2014Safety procedures were discussed and several demonstrations were shown by Ed Emmer of ways to and not to complete certain science projects/experiments. 1 hr
Turning Science into STEM [AC-1420-STEM
11/12/2014We created a model of an insulated lunch box out of random materials and measured the temperatures in each box after exposing the contents to heat lamp. While doing this, we went through the entire design process. 1 hr
[AC-1436-Science] - Science Models and Test Taking
3/17/2015Teachers were involved in an astronomy demonstration where modeling/transfer and test taking strategies were discussed. 1 hr
HeatonLoni4th Ed Emmer – Science Training3/19/2015Science PASS information was discussed along with the new standards and tools we can use to go along with each standard. The science website created by Ed Emmer was also used and explored during this time. 40 minutes
HedrickJenniferRelated ArtsSC Midlands Tech Summit June 11-12An Awesome 2 days filled with so many interesting people and and great technology. Our Digital footprint can be everywhere and the awesome new tools and gadets, websites and apps are completely amazing.2 days
HendersonDanaSpecial ServicesEnrich Training for IEPsJune 9The new Enrich system for IEPs has a document that is generated that has to be signed off by both special services designee and parent for any team members who are absent from IEP meetings. The document has to be filled out by the team member who will be absent including an excuse for the absense. I'm going to love this document and the new system. It is more user-friendly than the last IEP system. 1 day
HendersonDanaSpecial ServicesSC Midlands Tech Summit June 11-12I have a vision for my students to create daily visual diary entries that will go into Digital Portfolios. These portfolios will allow students to see their social-emotional growth as well as increase self-esteem and self-confident. I also plan to use QR codes in the classroom to differentiate social-emotional skills instruction. Augmented reality seems pretty cool. I really enjoyed Leslie Fischer's presentation on Thursday.2 days
HethcoxJennifer5th QuESTFIZZ Flipped Classrooms40 hoursDuring these session I spent time understanding how to create videos for my students that engaged their learning and lecture time at home. I created over 40 videos to use in my classroom to help teach students and support their learning throughout they year. Students can refer back to the video lectures when they are studying for exams or reviewing materials.3 days
HethcoxJennifer5th QuESTLeaders of Their Own Learning (Book)June-JulyThis book focused on supporting student to truly take hold of their learning and better understanding what they are being asked to learn in statements that use their language. I also learned how to develop these statements and implement them in the classroom which I look forward to developing and implementing throughout the year.3 days
STEAM Professional Development for Killian Elementary ONLY
6/16/2014How to set up a Science Journal 7 hours
HolzendorfDavidAdminElem CCSS ImplementationJune 25-26Day one of the CCSS IT bootcamp was productive for the NSE team. Mrs. Germann, Dr. Catoe, Mrs. Conklin, Ms. Robinson, Ms. DeReef, and Mrs. Glover were able to attend with me. We spent some time studying formative assessment, math practice standards, and text dependent questions. Tomorrow, we will be focusing on one of these areas. I believe that we have chosen math practice standards to tackle tomorrow. We were able to develop a plan for beginning a conversation about the importance and implementation of text dependent questions (TDQ's). This conversation will begin on August 13. 2 days
HolzendorfDavidAdminETV Tech ConferenceJuly 29-31Will not be able to attend due to interviews for elementary teachers.3 days
HolzendorfDavidAdminLeaders of Their Own Learning (Book)June - JulyNSE Discussion Blog3 days