Private Party Registration
If you are planning a private party (defined in the Alcohol Policy as a party with 5+ guests and alcohol, but are not public parties in nature or spirit) at Jones, please fill out this form with the relevant information.

You are obligated to be present at your private party during its entire duration.

As the host, you are responsible for ensuring the Alcohol Policy is enforced at your private party:
Look over the policy and feel free to contact a Justice if there are any questions.

- People under 21 are prohibited from consuming alcohol at Rice.
- Violations of the alcohol policy range from fines to expulsion.
- Remember the Amnesty policy. If a student on campus becomes endangered by alcohol use, students should contact REMS, the duty of whom is to provide medical assistance, not to report violations of policy.
- Amnesty does not apply to other prohibited conduct, such as assault, violence, property damage, provision of hard alcohol to persons under 21, or distributing dangerous substances.
- Grain alcohol of any type (read: Everclear) is prohibited from campus at all times.
- Hard Alcohol is defined as everything that is not beer, wine, champagne, or pre-made alcoholic beverages not made from distilled spirits. That is, any beverage over 22% ABV or containing any distilled spirits is considered hard alcohol.

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Please fill out this form if you would like reusable cups, bowls, or plates for your private party.

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