Baker Private Party Registration
Register private parties (6+ people, intent to serve alcohol) to be held at Baker by filling out this form. Please be honest and provide as much information as you have. I'm here to look out for Bakerites, not get anyone in trouble. If you have any questions, concerns, feelings of loneliness... feel free to contact me. Thanks and have fun! Your CJ, Jahid :)
By filling out this form, you are designating yourself the host of the event. This means you have certain responsibilities, including to keep the event contained. The details can be found in the student code of conduct and alcohol policy.
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Names of Co-Hosts (If Applicable)
You can name up to two other people here.
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Room Number
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Date and Approximate Time of Event
The date should be exact (resubmit if it changes), the time can be a rough estimate of the start time.
If this is part of a crawl, which one?
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How many people are you expecting to attend?
This can be a very rough estimate, just to give me an idea.
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What type of alcohol will you be serving?
What non-alcoholic drinks/snacks will you be serving?
Like water or juice 'cause hydrate or die
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Make sure you have recyclable cups and available recycling bins! The planet is cool!
Please be clear with what is alcoholic and what isn't, and don't serve to anyone who is already visibly drunk.
Over-intoxication is no fun and very dangerous. Please be careful, for your sake as a host, mine, and your guests'.
Are you 100% aware that serving hard alcohol to minors is a serious offense not covered by amnesty?
If you need clarification on this (although it's pretty clear) or any other part of the alcohol policy, please approach/email/call/text/facebook message me BEFORE your event.
Remember to keep your door closed and all open containers inside the room.
If you want to discuss what keeps a private private, and what can make it public (bad), see last question.
Please put my number (713-851-8730) in your phone, and keep me and your friendly neighborhood RHAs in mind if you need anything!
Hint: The current RHAs are Renata Wetterman, Alexander Alexander, Joanne Hong, Damien Ng, Shailavi Jain, and Sam Akers
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